4 Easy Pets for a Tidy Home

Keeping pets is something that many of us find joy in at some stage of our lives. Most families have a lot of love to give when it comes to adopting or buying a new pet; whether it be a cute little puppy, a tiny little hamster, an interesting reptile or a goldfish, pets are treasured all over the world.

The joy of owning a pet and inviting an animal to become a part of the family is undoubtedly a rewarding thing. But when it comes to pets and cleanliness in the home, it can become a problem.

Pets can be very messy in the home and if you have a busy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to keep on top of cleaning the rabbit hut, changing the guinea-pig’s sawdust bedding or washing the dog’s furry coat. But there are different maintenance levels for every animal so if you’re looking for something easy and stress free, there are a few options.

Here are 4 of the easiest pets to keep:
1. Goldfish – goldfish are a great starter pet for families with small children. They require little-no attention/affection but can be good for training the skills of responsibility in a small child who is starting to learn about the life and the natural world. Fish lovers can always upgrade to other fish species but always make sure you have the correct aquarium and aquarium equipment before you start collecting marine fish. Visit Fish-Fish-Fish.com for more info.

2. Hamsters – hamsters are very popular with families because these pocket sized pets are ideal for young children to handle. And as hamsters don’t mind living alone, you don’t have to worry about juggling more than one pet at a time. They are relatively easy to keep clean as long as you make sure you change its bedding with shredded tissue every so often.

3. British Shorthair cats – if your family longs for a furry addition to the home, but you worry about hairs getting everywhere, a great choice is the British shorthair cat. The problems of malting are a lot less apparent with a short hair feline and unlike dogs, cats do not create a smell around the house.
4. Turtles and tortoises – garden tortoises are great because you can keep the inside of your house clean and pet free. If you have a spacious garden with enough room for a pen then a tortoise could be a great choice for your family. Although a tortoise can be seen as low maintenance, they are a long term commitment so only adopt if you are ready to own a pet for a long time.

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