10 Tips to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

yellow bathroom

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Today we are taking a look at bathrooms.  I like writing tips about bathrooms, because we use them every day, and whether you have a lot of guests over or just one or two guests every now and then, you probably want your bathroom looking it’s best, out of all the rooms in the house.  So today I have 10 simple tips to update and your bathroom and give it a fresh look.

You can, of course, do all of these for a whole new look.  Or maybe just do two or three of these.  A little can go a long way!

1. Replace towels, washcloths, and handtowels that you have in public view in the bathroom.  This could mean purchasing new ones or simply replacing them with a set you already have in the cabinet or linen closet.

2. Add a new shower curtain (if you have one in your bathroom).  This is often the main of focal point of your bathroom and can dramatically change the look.

3.  Bring the these elements and your new color scheme together by purchasing  new accent rugs.

4.  Finish off your counter tops with matching soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and other accessories.

5.  Add apothecary jars or other cute containers for cotton balls, swaps, etc.  Candleholders are also a nice touch.

6. Replace cabinet and drawer knobs or paint existing ones.

7. Update your faucets with products from Kohler faucets.  Replace that old shower head with something state of the art. Replace your old bathtub, with one of the best cast iron bathtubs. Or update that sink for a fresh look.

8. Add candles, potpourri, and other scented accents.

9. Bring in a vase of fresh flowers.

10. If you really want to go out, give your bathroom a new coat of paint.  It takes more time and effort than the other suggestions, but it’s very cost efficient.



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