Freshen Up Your Home with the Air Wick National Park Collection

Airwick National Parks Fragrances

As I clean house, I love to freshen things up with a little fragrance.  I was recently contacted about reviewing some new limited edition scents from Air Wick. They have partnered with the National Park Foundation to craft fragrances inspired by the natural elements found in our national parks. The new limited edition scents introduced this spring are: Grand Canyon, American Samoa, Denali, Hawai’i, Virgin Islands and Gulf Islands.

Currently I’m using the American  Somoa scent in my kitchen.  Since coconut is one of my favorite scents, I really love this fragrance.  It is a very clean scent and has a tropical island appeal too.  And because it is coconut, that also makes it great for the kitchen, although I think it would be perfect for any room.

I’m also using the Denali scent in my main bathroom.  It has a fresh linen scent, and it really gives your bathroom a “just cleaned” scent.  Because it has cotton/linen scent to it, it would also be great for your bedrooms if you use fragrances in those.

And then I also got the Hawai’i scent.  I haven’t used it in the house yet, but I think it is going to be great.  It has a tropical fruit smell to it, almost like a Hurricane drink.  I’d probably use this in any room except the bedroom.

And then the Grand Canyon has a very sweet, floral fragrance to it.  It’s so nice!  And I think it would be great in an entry hall, bathroom, or living area.

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Disclosure: I received product samples for review. The opinions are my own.

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