Creating a Stylized Outdoor Space – Part 1 #Digin

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

A few weeks ago I introduced you to The Home Depot Garden Club and The Home Depot Spring Blogger Campaign.  Throughout the month of May, bloggers from all over the country will be sharing how-to videos, tutorials, and ideas on everything from grills to gardening, and I am very excited to be a part of this project!

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Over the next month, for my part of this campaign I will be sharing  my thoughts and tips on how to create an Outdoor Stylized Space.  Whether your outdoor space is a deck, patio, gazebo, or a small apartment balcony, you can easily turn it in to a functional and stylish space. We will be looking at my own outdoor space and discussing some  great furniture products from The Home Depot that could really help to spruce my place up.  And we will talk about different things that you should consider when you are shopping for items to furnish your own outdoor space.

Personally when it comes to spending time outdoors, my favorite thing to do is just sit around and chat with my family while the kids run around playing.  We have grilled steaks or hamburgers and hotdogs  and eat homemade ice cream.  And I also just love sitting around, talking, and waiting for the sun to set or looking at the moon and stars.  It’s quite peaceful.

And then I also occasionally like to go outside with my spiral bound notebook and do some writing.  Apart from blogging, I write a lot of poetry and the occasional story, and sometimes I like to go outside for a little inspration.

Back Deck

I actually have a pretty good size deck out back.  The above is a picture of it taken in 2008 (ignore that date).    It is just furnished with a simple round table and four chairs.  Here they are (turned over for storm prepration. haha.) :


They are functional but not necessarily the most attractive things to look at.  And while you can easily add a table cloth or centerpiece to temporarily spruce it up, there is nothing like a full furniture makeover!

And this deck is actually big enough that it could fit a larger table with four to six chairs or  small table chairs and love set on large size, as well as love seat or a couple of chair on the side close to the door.

And then I also have a couple of chairs and a small side table on my front porch.  These look okay; although the space could hold more furniture if I wanted.

front porch

When doing a makeover on your outdoor space, you should think of it as an outdoor room.  Choose items for your outdoor space, using the same criteria and strategies that you would if you were furnishing a room inside.  Apart from furniture, you should think about flowers/plants, lighting and other decor.

Table and Chairs

When it comes to creating an outdoor living room, I look forward to viewing all the different furniture pieces and sets out there and imagining how they would look on my deck porch.  It is fun to imagine how different furniture combinations would look in your space; for example, you could ask yourself if you prefer a dining table with four chairs or perhaps a set that includes a love seat, chairs, and coffee table.  And then maybe you want to add side tables as well.  Or perhaps you have a smaller, more intimate space, requiring just a side table with two chairs.

And then apart from choosing what types of furniture you’d like, there is the fabric and color selection.  I love color!  Color can completely set the mood in any room, and the same is true when you are adding color to your outdoor space.  Whether you are choosing colors for the cushions that will go with your outdoor dinette set where you will be hosting your backyard barbecues or the lounge chair where you will be reading (or writing) this summer, it is important to choose colors and fabrics that fit your lifestyle and will set the right mood.

Hampton Bay Patio Set


Photo Credit: Home Depot

What kind of outdoor space do you have? How is it furnished? 



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  1. We are waiting for our deck to be built so this is something I’ll be doing in the next month as I’ll have to buy some outdoor furniture. I’ll look forward to seeing what you pick.


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