Accelerating Muscle Recovery So You Can Stay Active

stretching muscles

If you’ve recently started a rigorous workout routine and your muscles are already feeling fatigued and sore, you might want to take it easy. Research says that your muscles take more time to repair themselves if you’re not allowing enough time for recovery in-between strenuous workouts. Attending high intensity classes are excellent for your health, but they can be hard on your muscles. Allow enough time for recovery by eating the right foods, resting, and taking supplements such as L- glutamine and your muscles will be able to handle your workout routine in no time.

 Enough Time to Recover

Are you providing your muscles enough time for recovery in between each workout? If you’re not, this should be important, especially if your workouts are rigorous or you are feeling some extra tightness in certain muscle groups. Resting in-between high intensity workouts will allow your muscles time to heal, as opposed to causing an ongoing injury.

 Add L Glutamine to Your Supplement List

If you’re currently not taking L glutamine supplements now is a good time to add them to your daily vitamins. Since glutamine is one of the most common amino acids found in the body and more specifically muscle tissues, it is a pertinent fuel that assists with muscle contraction. Many sports trainers will recommend that you take L glutamine supplements before and after working out so that your glutamine levels don’t drop low. If your levels drop low this could mean muscle injury or not allowing your muscles enough time to repair. Add glutamine to your daily vitamin list and allow your muscles to recover daily.

 Stretch Sore Muscles

Another key to muscle recovery is stretching muscles that are sore. Most trainers will tell you that you should not stretch unless you have warmed up at the gym or wherever you are working out first, which is generally the case. Stretch your muscles after you exercise if you know some muscle groups tend to get tighter than others. Begin with shallow stretches and increase to a deeper stretch depending on how your muscles are feeling that day. Taking certain precautions daily will allow you to maintain a great workout schedule without causing injury to your muscles.


Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys working out without causing harm to her muscles. She stretches and takes L glutamine so that she can stay in great shape.

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