6 Great Apps to Help You Get Your Home in Order

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Do you constantly feel like you have too many jobs to do at home, and never enough time? Or are you in the midst of renovating your home or researching potential house and land packages, and feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices you need to make? Just remember — it is possible to take control of your household and “to-do” lists, with the help of the latest and greatest apps, designed to make a disorganised home a thing of the past. Whether you want to tick jobs off your list more quickly or find and sort information in a hurry, look no further than this list of six great organizational apps for a simpler home life, especially if you’re considering JMB house & land packages.


This popular free program makes all the information you need available to you accessible anytime and anywhere. The app has a simple and well-balanced design, works on almost all devices and helps you to save and organise ideas, information, websites, recipes, bills, receipts, anything you want to read later and even your voice memos. The user-friendly design means that you can search all that saved info by keyword, tag or even text written inside images. An excellent note-taking and organisational program, Evernote will help you keep track of home design or décor ideas, costs and contact lists.


With this clever $4.99 app you can manage all the repetitive jobs at home that usually make housework unpleasant. This easy-to-use program allows you to set up daily goals, plan your important jobs, follow routines, review your outcomes and manage tasks. Have a set of regular household chores that need to be done by you or certain members of the family daily or weekly? Add them to this app and you’ll receive reminders on set days, allowing you to de-clutter your brain and concentrate on more urgent matters. The program even has a feel-good element to reward you for all your hard work — each time you complete a task and cross it off your list, you receive a shiny gold star!


Featured as a “Staff Favourite” by Apple, this affordable $1.99 app will help ensure you never pay another late fee again! This program is perfect for anyone who regularly forgets to pay their power bill or is always spending over their household budget. With the app, you can organise all your bills by due date and receive instant alerts whenever a deadline for payment is approaching. BillMinder can also automatically set bills to be paid with its AutoPay feature, so you can cross another job off your list. If you also want to keep your spending in hand, you can track your progress through the app’s charts and graphs, as well as create two separate budgets — one for necessities and one for “niceties” that can wait for later.


Zinio is the perfect free app choice for any avid magazine lover. This digital e-store and reader allows you to download, organise, store and read thousands of popular titles, as either single issues or subscriptions. The app provides you with the ability to share articles, manage and sync your library on multiple devices and archive past issues by author, date or title. It also effectively helps you to de-clutter your work space and help the environment at the same time by going paperless.


A central organisation hub for your life, the $4.99 LifeTopix app serves as a complete planning tool-and-management system to help you track and organise every aspect of your life. With a multitude of features, the program can manage your calendars, passwords, shopping lists, contact info, health, events, travel, projects, notes, shopping lists and household utilities, and has an easy-to-use interface that can be backed up to cloud services.

Garden Tracker

Having been described as a “digital gardening journal on steroids,” Garden Tracker is the perfect app for green thumbs everywhere and was recently featured in the April 2013 issue of Wired magazine. The program, an affordable $1.99 for iPhone users, lets you create a grid design of your garden layout and input its size, and then tracks the progress of your planted vegetables, including days to harvest, days since last fertilised and since last watered. The app offers up 50 pre-loaded common veggies and herbs (or you can add your own), and offers general watering and care info for the plants to boot.

If you could do with some assistance organising your household, then go ahead and let these apps give you a helping hand, or even do the work for you!

About the Author: Penelope Neill is a blogger and lifestyle writer with a passion for interior design, travel and films. She loves to keep up to date with the latest decor trends and can regularly be found “researching” with a cup of tea and her favourite magazines on hand!

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