New Design Trends for 2013 You Can’t Miss

Louis XIV

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With the New Year making head way, have you considered implementing goals for your home too? Whether you are building a new home or making changes to your existing home, it never hurts to get ahead and learn about the design trends.

Even if your home is currently built and you desire to change up the look, consider that every once in a while a house needs a bit of retouching so that it can stay current and fresh. The best way to do this is to stay on top of the design trends and figure out which ones are your favorites. If you see a few trends that catch your eye, don’t be afraid to implement them into your current decorated interior. With a little bit of improvising you’ll have a new trendy room that’s perfect for seating company in. Plus, your kids will hopefully think that it will look nice and current too – especially if they like fun new patterns like camouflage, which is trending right now in the interior design world.

Brass on Furniture and Elements

Brass is a wonderful way to add a touch of warmth to your space, as well as add a lovely gleam to your furniture and decorative elements. With this golden hue, you will definitely be feeling the warmth of summer when it arrives. Plus, brass elements blend perfectly with other metals and ages well if you decide to keep the new furniture in your interior for a long period of time.

Create an Adventurous Interior With Camouflage

Camouflage may seem like an odd decorative element to incorporate into your home, but if it’s done correctly it can be rather fun! If you’re building a new home and are on to the stage of building design services that means you’re one step closer to decorating your home. Incorporate camouflage into your interiors on fun elements, such as your seat cushions or pillows. Your kids will definitely love this trend.

Regal Elegance With Historical Furniture

If you love embracing history and even more so love to incorporate historical or remakes of historical pieces in your home, you’ll be excited to hear that Louis XIV furniture is back on–trend. Fall in love with precision of form, classical ornamentation, and straight lines on furniture and your room will look truly elegant.

About the Author: Sierra loves interior design and keeping up on all of the latest design trends. She recommends checking out magazines or an architecture design website for more information.

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