Look to the Future: Building Blocks for Many Healthy Years


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Advertisers will tell you that it’s important to live in the moment, which is good advice as you’re raising your kids. Longing for the past and lamenting the future will rob you of those daily moments of contentment as your kids grow up. However, when it comes to your own personal health, it’s important to both live in the moment and look to the future to set up some best practices in your world today to invest in a long and healthy life.

Glucosamine and Running

For healthy joints, glucosamine is a must-have. It relieves the pain of osteoarthritis as you get older, allowing for an active, healthy lifestyle. Osteoarthritis is a high risk for all women. Glucosamine, available through Seven Seas, helps repair the joint cartilage that can break down as a result of age or overuse of joints from long-term, high-impact exercise. If you’re a runner or enjoy other forms of high-impact exercise, start taking glucosamine before you have problems.

 Glucosamine and Strength-Training

Though glucosamine is important for those who indulge in high-impact exercise, it’s also important for those at risk or osteoarthritis who wish to do any sort of activity pain-free. The breakdown of the cartilage can also affect your ability to participate in other activities, including strength training. It’s important in your young life to begin and maintain a strength-training routine. Osteoporosis can begin to set in at an early age, even if you don’t feel its effects until you’re older. Strength-training helps prevent it, as well as other injuries as you age. To keep your joints functioning well enough to strength-train for a long time to come, be sure to take your glucosamine.

Other Healthy Habits

Be sure to drink enough water every day, limit your caffeine intake, and take your vitamins. It’s these routine things that add up over time to build a healthy lifestyle and support your health late in life. If you’re experiencing any ailments, such as back pain, be sure to address these issues earlier in life rather than later. Your bones are typically much more resilient at a young age, and it’s easier for chiropractors or other doctors to work their magic if you’re younger — and it will cost you less in the long run. It’s also easier to establish and maintain a workout routine when you’re in your thirties than it is in your forties. It’s not impossible to start a healthy routine late in life, and it’s still vitally important. However, earlier is better when it comes to your health. Check your daily calcium intake, and if you’re like most women, you aren’t getting enough. Consider taking a calcium supplement in addition to striving to eat healthy each day.

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