Growing Your Garden with Scotts Florida Select

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As we continue to talk about the spring gardening season, it is important that we have the proper gardening supplies  to grow and maintain our yard and garden.  I have some beautiful Encore Azaleas growing in front my house.  They have really grown a lot since we planted them back in 2009 and are thriving, but I am in need of new mulch to keep the grass and weeds from from around them. 

Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch  is great option for this.  It is natural, made from 100% plantation-grown Eucalyptus trees and is free from waste materials.  It is also considered a sustainable, renewable source, which regrows 4 times faster than Cypress. And it prevents weeds naturally while helping to conserve soil moisture.

And for those of you with an eye for design, you can check out Scotts Nature Scapes mulch.  It comes in three different colors to fit your unique tastes: Classic Black, Sierra Red, and Deep Forest Brown.

Here's a list of supplies that we used to create our flower beds.  Instructions are in this post.

-A tiller or – to till up the soil.

-Potting soil – to spread around the flower bed area.

-A post-hole digger – to dig the holes which the plants will be placed in.

-Plants – We used Azeleas because they require virtually no maintenance and are so pretty, but anything you like is fine.

-Landscaping paper and landscaping staples – These are used cover the soil and protect it while the plants take root in the ground.

-Mulch – After the landscaping paper is down, you top it with mulch.

-Border – Next you need a border to prevent runoff and keep the grass/weeds from spreading in to your flower bed.

And after your garden's had time to grow, it should look something like this:


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And if you prefer a mix of flowers and plants, here's a great example:

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And then here's a fabulous example of a backyard garden:


Check out Scotts Website for more information on their products and tips for sustainable gardening.



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