Focal Points to Add Personality to Your Space


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You don’t need to hire an expensive designer or completely overhaul your home in order to add some elements of your own personal style into your decor. Decorating may seem overwhelming with all the other things you balance in a daily basis, including family, work, chores, and a social life. But sometimes the best way to decorate isn’t to add more things to your home — it’s to minimize and focus on some key focal points that exemplify your personality. Here are a few ideas to help you create fun, eye-pleasing focal points that will awe your guests and comfort you in your own space.


Turn off the TV, and take a few peaceful moments to yourself to wind down and watch the life of other beautiful creations. Fish are amazing pets in that they’re easy to take care of, and they add color, life, and beauty to your space. A large fish tank is an excellent focal point for any room, and one of the most important elements in an aquarium is lighting. You’ll want to be strategic with your aquarium lighting, because you’ll want to make sure to select lighting that will match the ambiance of your home and the effect you want it to give.

Take a look at the space around the tank. Are the colors dark or light? Warm or cool? Is your style modern or classic? Light colors, cool colors, and modern styles beg for brighter, white lighting, while dark colors, warm colors, and more classic styles beg for a softer, yellow tone. If you want to get really eclectic, darker colors such as red or blue are available. You’ll also want to take a look at what types of aquarium accessories are available, and be sure to match these to your design aesthetic.

A Fireplace

Having a fireplace isn’t as difficult as you might think, because you don’t actually have to hook it up to a chimney. You can purchase modern, eye-pleasing fireplaces that run with gas that can be placed in just about any location. Also, many design-savvy individuals are now installing a false fireplace front and putting several pillar candles inside at different heights to create the same warm, homey glow without the mess and maintenance.  You could even find a Antique Fireplace Surrounds and them to your modern fireplace for a class look and charm.  Clear out some of your clutter and install larger, more soothing pieces, and your home will be even more of a solace from a busy life.

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