Find Your Social Media #StrengthFactor with HireInfluence



I’m always interested in finding new ways to measure how well my blog and my social media accounts are performing.  I was recently introduced to HireInfluence, a new social media ranking and reporting system.

When you activate your profile on HireInfluence (via your twitter account), you’ll receive a fully detailed report that, among other things, lists your social media strength factor.  You can then add your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  After you link your accounts you will get a detailed report on your social media influence or “Strength Factor.”

Your strength factor is a score out of a 100, and it is a scoring based on the number of network contacts within your profile and the level of impact each social channel has in relation to proven inbound marketing results.

HireInfluence also evaluates eachs social media account.  For example, on Twitter, it tells you how many followers you have, as well as your number of mentions and retweets, links posted, names mentioned, etc.  It also tells you which links, hashtags, and keywords you have tweeted the most.

Now you may be wondering, besides this statistical data, what else can I gain by activating my profile at HireInfluence.  For one, the information in your report may be printed or saved to use in your blog’s media attach or attach to a resume.

Secondly, once you activate your profile, you are now listed in a database used by brands, marketing companies, PR firms and businesses looking for social media stars to work with.  Basically it is a win-win!

Giveaway! HireInfluence is giving away 3 $100 Amazon gift cards.  All you have to do is activate your profile by March 25 and you will be entered to win!


Disclosure: I was not monetarily compensated for this post but will receive a $25 Amazon card.

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