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Greenie Tots


It’s difficult to find meals that are fast, convenient, delicious, and healthy, especially when you are trying to feed kids. Greenie Tots is a line of microwaveable meals that satisfies all these requirements.  Their meals can be prepared in 5 minutes are less.  Each is 100% meatless and contains no artificial colors or flavors and no high fructose corn syrup.

There are 5 varieties available.  They include:

  • Cauliflower Rice with Chik’n
  • Pasta & Spinach Marinara with Meat-Style Grounds
  • Mac and Cheese with Peas
  • Chik’n, Cheese & Spinach Quesadillas with Mixed Vegetables
  • Cheeseburger Quesadillas with Sweet Potato Fries

I got two try a couple of Greenie Tots entrees.  I selected Cauliflower Rice with Chik’n and the Mac and Cheese with Peas. Both were delicious!

Greenie Tots Cauliflower Rice with Chikn

The  Cauliflower Rice with Chik’n.  It contains a soy-free meatless chick’n that, in my opinion, tasted just as good as the real thing.  And it had a great mixture of long grain white rice and vegetables.  If you are a fan of stir-fry, I think you would love love this.  I didn’t even season mine, because the flavor was so good I didn’t see a need.  And it was also a good portion size for me.

Mac and Cheese with Peas

As for the Mac and Cheese with Peas, I liked it as well.  The Mac and Cheese was especially good! It is made with a blend of five organic cheeses and milk, and it tasted just as good as other mac & cheese products I’ve bought in the past.  As for the peas, I did season those a bit, to give them a little bit of flavor, I thought they were a great compliment to the Mac & Cheese, and I think kids will love this meal.

I think the other selections looks great as well. For instance, I’d love to try the quesadillas!

Which meal would you like to try?

And what’s most important to you when you’re shopping for frozen entree?  Flavor? Healthy? Kid friendly? Price? Something else?


Disclosure: I received product samples for review purposes; however, the opinions are my own.


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