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When it comes time for holiday gift giving, one of the topics often discussed is the concept of regfiting.  How do you feel about regifting?  Have you ever done it? Do you plan to do it this year?  Did you ever receive a gift that you suspected was regifted? The online local yardsale site recently conducted a survey on regifting, which yielded some interesting results.  Today we are going to have a little fun and check out some of the findings from the survey.

While frowned upon by some, the survey found that a whopping 92 percent believe it’s completely acceptable to regift items, and more than 87 percent believe they too have been a recipient of a regifted item. And, with shoppers looking to save more and spend less this holiday season, more than 62 percent plan to regift an item to a friend, neighbor or colleague for the holidays.

The survey also found that people most commonly regift because they feel that someone else will appreciate the item more than they do (62.6%) or they couldn’t use the gift personally (53.7%).  And with all this regifting going on, 87% of respondents said they suspected they had been the recipient of a regifted item.

I was personally interested to find that that the survey said that women were more like to regift than men, at a ratio of three to one, and 62% of respondents are planning to regift during the 2012 holiday season.

The survey also found that while some are good at hiding their regifting by rewrapping and inspecting the item and removing any gift cards or receipts from the previous giver, and planning ahead and making sure they do not give the gift to anyone associated with the original gifter, others don’t do as a good a job.  Some of their regifting mistakes include giving 2 year old fruit cake, toys with broken pieces, outdated desk calendars, and my favorite–gift cards that are partially used!

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  1. Yes, I have regifted. I say why not? If you aren’t ever going to use it, but you know someone that would, why not give it to them!

  2. I regifted once and it was something I already had (a slow cooker), but other person could use it

  3. Mary Happymommy says

    I have regifted picture frames (unused) that I had and wasn’t using.

  4. No, I haven’t regifted a gift.

  5. Jennifer Marie says

    I regifted a holiday mug once at a work gift echange.

  6. i dont think i could regift a gift.. i would feel bad!

  7. I regifted a new baking set to my sister since I already had one from my wedding gifts.

  8. I have never regifted although I have received an obviously regifted item before. I never mentioned it to the person who gave it to me though

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I have regifted gift cards (unused full amounts) a few times–mostly to restaurants or department stores. It’s not that I can’t use them myself so much as that I think of someone else who could use them more. I have also regifted some jewelry, but I think that’s more like “passing down” pieces from my mother and grandmother.

  10. Audra Weathers says

    I’ve never regifted and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything that was regifted. I do have a funny story though. One Christmas I asked my Dad for a cat. He finds a stray cat in the woods while hunting and thinks “Christmas-check”. The cat ran away the day after Christmas. I guess that kinda fits in the bad Christmas gift category. lol

  11. Karen Medlin says

    I re-gifted a Gift Certificate to a Gym.. hmmm I think they forgot my leg was in a cast. I traded with another family member for a set of dishes.

  12. I gave a gift that I then received the following year, so the year after that, I regifted it back again…they were offended (as they didn’t realize I was the original gifter!).

  13. I regifted a set of fajita pans to my sister because I knew she would like and use them!

  14. I once regifted a Starbucks gift card because I needed a quick gift.

  15. One Christmas I forgot to buy my cousin a gift. I regifted a scarf that I received. Luckily she looooved and still wear it 3 years later 😉

  16. My sister and I regift the same set of pajamas back and forth every year, it’s become a running joke!

  17. I’ve never regifted but often thought about it 🙂

  18. I have never regifted.

  19. Michelle Spayde says

    I have never re-gifted, but I have passed along gifts that I would never use with the recipient knowing the full story.

  20. Every year our family has a toilet paper cozy that we regift to someone. It’s a surprise each year as to who will receive it,

  21. Vill Schiff says

    I regifted a blender to my cousin one time because she needed a new blender.

  22. Ashley Hatten says

    I have never regifted anything that I’ve received as a gift. I have given gifts that I have won but I don’t really consider that regifting. I’ve not received anything that has been used or worn before.

  23. nannypanpan says


  24. I have regifted some things I thought someone else would like better.

  25. I have never regifted

  26. I don’t ever remember resifting anything.

  27. Jenny Divalicous says

    I was regifted lip gloss reason I know it’s because it was used lol

  28. Regifting is great for white elephant exchanges

  29. Jessica Snow says

    I’ve never regifted.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  30. Amanda Sakovitz says

    yes ive regifted perfume and lotion before to friends.

  31. I have regifted almost every ugly piece of clothes i have ever been given 🙂

  32. Barbara Montag says

    So far I haven’t regifted.
    It’s fine under the right circumstances.

  33. wendy rozema says

    i’ve never re-gifted!

  34. Thomas Murphy says

    I have never regifted

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