Oddka Vodka

When planning a party, the drinks you serve can make just as big a statement as the food and decor. And Oddka Vodka certainly makes a statement with their five unconventional flavors: Apple Pie, Electricity, Fresh Cut Grass, Salty Caramel Popcorn, and Wasabi.

Premium spirits and wine company Pernod Ricard launched this new brand of vodka, ODDKA® by Wyborowa in October 2012. ODDKA is available in 750 ml bottles in original, clear vodka and is currently available in Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, and will be expanding its national and global distribution in spring of 2013.

To introduce you to ODDKA, we have Wit Oddoski, the voice and inspiration of the ODDKA brand is Wit Oddoski, a virtual character in the real world. Wit was born as a 2-D line drawing, a rare condition that leads him to view the world a bit differently than others.

You’ll love his fun personality, sense of humor, and enthusiasm for his brand!

Here are just a few fun ideas on how you can add ODDKA Vodka to your next party.

Oddka’s Apple Pie flavor has a sweet taste of apples and cinnamon and mixes best with Fanta, Coke or Ginger Ale. After the presents are opened and the turkey is gone,  serve up some holiday cocktails using this festive flavor.  Or even break out the Apple Pie vodka for the 4th of July.

Or throw a movie themed party! Have a movie marathon of your favorite series or with a particular movie genre, or even watch your favorite series on DVR. (I love Game of Thrones!)  And serve up Oddka’s Salty Caramel Popcorn Vodka. It mixes best with Fanta, Ginger Ale, Coke or Iced Tea.

Or serve up a little Fresh Cut Grass at your next football party or barbecue. It’s crisp, citrusy, sweet and refreshing and mixes best with Dr. Pepper, Ginger Beer or Soda Water.

To learn more about ODDKA and Wit’s adventures, “Like” ODDKA Vodka on Facebook or follow Wit on Twitter at @WitOddoski.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oddka.



  1. Salty Caramel Popcorn vodka? Sign me up. I’ve tried other Wyborowa Vodkas before, looking forward to these being available near me.

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