Guest Post: S’mores Bark from Kassi at Truly Lovely


I’m excited to present another fun Christmas Treats guest post today!  This one is from my sweet friend Kassi from Truly Lovely, and she is sharing a yummy holiday take on a campfire favorite: S’mores Bark!

Well hello there! Kassi from Truly Lovely here! I am so excited to be sharing my long time bloggie friend, Jerri’s, space today! That’s me on the right, FYI.

Truly Lovely is an ‘all things lovely’ blog written by me with fun snippets now and then from my sister, Kayli. We write about well… whatever we consider to be lovely. That can and does include, but is certainly not limited to crafts, recipes, wishful thinking and so much more. We also host a weekly party called Fancy This Fridays where you can share what you’ve been up to lately!

So, let’s dive into this Christmas treat I have for you today shall we?

I first saw this idea on Martha and I LOVE s’mores! So I knew I had to try it! To me Christmas time is the perfect excuse to get together with the family and make s’mores. If you don’t have access to an outdoor area for a fire or fire pit, OR if it’s way to cold to be outside this is a super fun alternative. It’s also super easy to recreate and only requires a few ingredients.

Step 1: Spray a cookie sheet with baking spray and then cover with parchment paper. Trust me, you’ll want to use the parchment paper… Unless you want to pry chocolate off your baking sheet for hours…. 😉

Step 2: Place about 3 sheets of graham crackers in a baggy and crush them up.

Step 3: Melt your chocolate chips. I use a sauce pan with boiling water and a pie plate on top to hold the chips as my double boiler. Allow the water to boil, set the pie plate on top and stir continually until melted.

Step 4: Pour the melted chocolate onto the parchment covered baking sheet and spread it out with a spoon or spatula.

Step 5: Sprinkle the crushed graham crackers and marshmallows over the chocolate. Refrigerate for at least an hour or until chocolate is hardened.

Step 6: Break into pieces and serve!

Thanks SO much to Jerri for inviting me to be a part of her big Six Weeks of Christmas treats shindig! It has been a pleasure sharing with you lovelies! Hope you’ll stop by Truly Lovely to see what’s happening at our place this holiday season!

Thanks for the post Kassi! It was great having you on!  Everybody please go by and visit Kassi’s blog!


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