Earring Converter Review

Today I’m reviewing a very fun fashion accessory product!  Have you ever seen the cutest pair of earrings in the store or in your own collection at home and thought, “If only these were fish hook earrings!”  Now you can convert your favorite post earrings to fish hook earrings with these earring converters from Luc-Co.

I received some these in yellow and silver for review.  They are really easy to use and require no jewelry tools or additional parts.  Simply take the backing off of your post earring, and add the earring convertor, and voila! You’ve got a fish hook earring ready to wear!

They also have these Interchangeable Fish Hooks that you can easily add charms and other accessories to.

I think this is a great product and idea!  It allows you to create fun jewelry fashions without any tools or jewelry making expertise, and the possibility for different looks and styles in endless.  Go by Luc-Co to check out their other Earring Converters and other jewelry accessories.


Disclosure:  I received earring converters from Luc-Co for review. I received no other compensation.

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