Chocolate Footballs and Other Nostalgic Candies

I know this will completely shock everyone, but I’ve got a real sweet tooth and love candy!  I often think about candies I used to eat when I was a kid, which either aren’t available any more or else are very hard to find.  This includes chocolate footballs, Sixlets, candy cigarettes, chocolate coins, Chick-o-sticks, and Zotz, just a name a few.

In fact, every time I go to a little grocery store or gas station, I always look to see if I can find any of these, especially the chocolate footballs.  Shortly after I met my husband, we stopped in at a gas station to get drinks, on our way to eat dinner and hang out with friends, when suddenly I found this box of chocolate footballs.  It was the first time I’d seen them in years, and I freaked out with excitement.  This was fairly early in our relationship, and he could not believe I’d get this excited over candy.  I immediately grabbed a couple of handfuls and asked him to get them for me.

I haven’t found the chocolate footballs since then, so I was thrilled when I found them over at Blair Candy.  This site has a fabulous selection of bulk candy as well as regular size containers of candy.  Their stock includes popular favorites like Reese Cups and Snickers, as well as novelty candies like gummy hamburgers and candies in fun containers, and nostaglic candy like my chocolate footballs, Coconut Long Boys, Boston Baked Beans, and even wax lips!

Go over and visit Blair Candy and place your orders for Halloween.  And don’t forget to enter the code: GHOST at check out to get 10% off your order.


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