Halloween Shelf and Wall Decor


The fall season is officially upon us!  Time to dust off those faux pumpkins, pull your scare crows out of the attic, and get your home looking spooky!   Today I’m sharing a little vignette of Halloween stuff that I had up on the shelf of the entertainment center in our living room last year. And I’ll show you just how easy and affordable it is to make your own fall display!

I’ve always regretted the fact that I don’t have mantel to decorate for holidays, but when I found this entertainment center last year I got excited about using its shelf as a “substitute” mantel.  (And by the way, I found this entertainment center at my local thrift store at a great bargain!)

Of course, you could always decorate the top of a buffet, a china cabinet, bookshelves, or any other furniture in your home, if you don’t have a mantel.  Or just mount a shelf on your wall.

And with the “rise” of thrift stores, there’s no reason to go out and spend a bundle on decor for Halloween (unless you just want to).  I bought most of the stuff in this display, from the thrift store for $1 to $2, with the exception of the wreath and trick or treat bunting (which I made), and the fabric I used as the backdrop.

The Spooky Sweets and Treats sign actually still had the tag on it!  I can’t remember what store originally sold it, but it originally retailed for $9.95, and I got it for $2.

I just loved this ghost and pumpkin!  I think I got both of these for a dollar.

The black cat is metal, and I think I got it for 50 cents!  And then for the backdrop, I just used a couple yards of Halloween fabric, which you can get for fairly cheap at Walmart or any craft store.  You may even be able to find some fabric at the thrift store.


Finally I made the bunting, which didn’t really cost anything, since it’s just paper and twine.  So the only thing that really had a cost was the garland wreath, which came to about $21 (that’s $20 for 2 bundles of garland and $1 for a thrift store wreath).  So everything totals around $30, but if you shop around you can find a wreath or wreath materials for MUCH cheaper!

How do you decorate for Halloween?  Got any thrifty tips for us?


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  1. SO CUTE!!! I love it, Jerri. And that sign is sooo awesome! What a score!

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