Shopping for Dorm Room Decor

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One of the most daunting tasks of sending your children off to college is getting everything they will need for their dorm room and then getting the room set up.  One thing that can make the whole shopping experience is easier is first choosing a theme and colors for the room.

As the bed is generally the main “focal point” in any room, it’s a good idea to choose your bedding first.  This is your child’s chance to choose something that shows off their personal style, and today’s trends offer a lot of options from girly  animal and flower prints to fun chevron and paisley prints, or more masculine sets like plaids, camouflage, and collegiate bedding.


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After you’ve chosen your bedding, it is easy to find other accessories for the room in coordinating colors so that you can really bring the space together in a fun and uniform way.  I would start with storage bins. Most dorms do not have a lot of closet space, so bins are often needed to store clothing, towels, and supplies. And they have cute sets that can go right along the wall.

Your child should  also have a desk and chair.  While I think it’s fine to just get your basic desk and chair set, these now come in some fun and bright colors as well.

I also think a desk lamp is a must have item.  These come in cool colors, and the one pictured here even allows your child to play and charge his/her iPod.

Next add style and flair with some coordinating wall art, a bulletin board, a matching shag rug, and perhaps a beanbag chair or backrest. And also consider coordinating towels,  garbage can, and office supplies.

If it sounds like a lot to buy, consider  shopping for everything conveniently online.  Online retailers often sell full collections so that you can get everything you want in just a few clicks.  But either way you choose to shop, your child will be excited about picking out things for their new room and making their new dorm a true home away from home.



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