New Jewelry at Simply Sweet Creations FINALLY!


Okay! I have to admit that I have completely fallen down on the job this year when it comes to my shop!  By falling down on the job, I mean I’ve basically made nothing, and I’ve basically listed almost nothing.  And I certainly haven’t promoted anything!

And yet, I’ve bought a ton of new materials over the last few months! Yeah, it makes a lot of sense!  But finally this past week I got to work!

I made a lot of new pieces, including *newsflash* my very first ever handstamped jewelry pieces! Ahh! And usually I will make things, and I may or may not photograph them that day, and I may or may not list them that week or even at all. (I know, Bad Shop Owner!)  But I’m very excited about these!  I photographed them the same day!  And I listed almost all of them in one sitting!  And I’m already posting about them. I’m on a roll!

Anway here are some of my favorites.  Hope you like them!

I’m also excited to be adding some cabochon jewelry.  This Turquoise Cabochon Beaded Chain Necklace is one of my favorite necklaces that I’ve made.  It’s very stylish and chic. (And there’s also a matching bracelet!)

I was inspired to make this Angel Pendant Necklace because of the song “Two Many Angels” Jackson Browne.  (By the way, If you’ve never heard the song, check out this video. It’s a really pretty song!)

And this is the Artemis and Deer Cameo pendant, feature Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.  It’s so pretty, and it would be really great for a nature lover!

And here’s one of the handstamped pieces!  This one is the Faith Hope & Love Necklace.  I really liked how this turned out, so I’ve added an option to this listing to create a custom order with the words of your choosing!

And this is the Handstamped Faith Necklace.  And again, if you wanted a different word stamped on this like “hope” or perhaps a person’s name, I can do a custom order for you!

And this is an example of a Colored Inital Necklace. Obviously this has two discs with one letter on each disc, but you can order this with one, two, three, or even more discs, and I’ll do up to three letters on each one.

So you could do you your own intials on three discs or all three of your initials on one disc.  You can do the same with your children’s initials or yours and your significant other’s initials.  Or you could even spell out a name or word, putting one letter on each disc. So many possiblities here!

And (obviously) is my Handstamped Roll Tide Necklace. I’ve also listed this with two different elephant charms added, and I’m offering a keychain in this design as well.  I will also be taking custom orders if you’d like a different team.

And here’s my first “stacker” necklace.  This is the Love You Always & Forever Necklace.  And again there’s so many possibilities here to customize with other phrases or names.  And I can also replace the bird with a heart or something else if you prefer!

Well, that’s the highlights for you!  Please check out  my shop to see these and all my other new listings!

Also, get 15% off!  Just use the coupon code HOTSUMMER at checkout!


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  1. Love all your fresh ideas! So pretty they are!!!

  2. Beautiful jewelry! I really love the one with the turquoise flower!

  3. Cute stuff!!!

  4. Very pretty! The first is my favorite!

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