Nectresse Sweetener Review

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As someone with a family history of diabetes, I was very interested to learn about the newest sweetener out on the market.  NECTRESSE™Sweetener is  100 percent natural and has  zero calories per serving.  And it comes  to us from the maker of Splenda.

Unlike other artificial sweeteners, Nectresse tastes more like sugar.  It’s also grainy like sugar and not powdery like other sugar substitutes and it is missing the aftertaste which often turns people away from other artificial sweeteners.

The secret of Nectresse’s taste and quality is that it  is the only sweetener made 100% from fruit. It is actually made from the extract of Monk fruit.

Check out what journalist Lisa Ling has to say about this product:


I received a sample of Nectresse for review.  I enjoyed its grainy texture which is very similar to sugar, and I found it to be a great substitute for sweetening cereal.

And I also decided to make some sweet tea.   I think most people who have been diagnosed with diabetes or another disease that lends itself to dietary restrictions would say that it’s always harder to give up things that they drink every day as opposed to desserts or foods that you may eat only now and then.  And here in the South, sweet tea is a must have, so it seemed like a good thing to make to test out Nectresse.



Sweet Tea Recipe:

1 Tea Bag (the large/double size)

2 Cups hot water

10 Packets Nectresse

Directions:  Heat water on stove til it comes to a light boil. Steep tea bag in hot water for 2-3 minutes.  Add 10 packets of Nectresse and stir.

*Keep in mind this ratio was just something I just tried out for a “small scale” to test the product.  To make a half gallon of tea, I usually use 3 tea bags, so for a larger batch you might need to change the ratio.*

Now I have to say that this tea was really good.  It was far better than unsweet tea, and it tasted very close to what we usually make with sugar and without the after taste that some artficial sweeteners leave.  All in all, I think it is a great product, and I think anyone trying to diet or in need of a sugar substitute should try this product.

Check your local grocery store for this great new sweetener.  It comes boxed if you like indvidual packets, or you can find it in a cannister . Also, visit for a FREE sample of NECTRESSE™Sweetener.



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