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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Makeup is very empowering.  It can make you fee beautiful, bold, sassy, sophisticated, and of course, confident! But the truth is that most of us get into a routine with our makeup, and we may even be afraid to try new things.  So Revlon wants women of all ages and kinds to break out of their normal makeup routine and express themselves in new ways with their Revlon Expression Experiment.

So the I recently receieved a box filled with great products from Revlon, including lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish, and I had a great time experimenting with some new looks.



One of my favorite products  from the Expression Kit is the eye shadow.  When it comes to eye shadow, I I usually wear neutral colors like gold, tan, white, and cream.  And then other times I’ll wear silver or maybe a light pink.
In the Expressions kit, I recieved two packages of eye shadow. One pack called Seductive is a palette of four shades of purples.  When I was about 20, I use to wear a light shade of purple eye shadow all the time, so I think it will be fun to try purple again in the future.

And then the package that I’m using in the photos for this post is called Inspired. It has dark blue, green, light blue/turqoiuse, and an ivory or cream color.

For the Expressions Experiment, I decided to try the turquoise. Since I have blue eyes, I have worn blue eye shadow before, but again, it would always be a light, subtle shade, and I’ve always had this fear of overdoing it with the blue.  But I really enjoyed this turquoise color.  I think it looked great on and went well with my eyes.  What do you think?


As for the rest of the of the box, I really enjoyed using the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer.  This is designed to wear alone or under makeup to give you a more polished look.  Since I’m fair complicated, I think I’m a little more self conscious of imperfections, so I’m always interested in finding products like this.

I also received Revlon’s Indigo Night polish, a dark shade of blue, as you can see from the picture.  Again, this is not a color I usually wear. I always wear pink or silver, and every now and then a light shade of blue, but this is a really nice shade.  It’s great to try something different, and the polish lasts up to 11 days when worn with the base coat and top coat, so that’s very convenient.


And finally, I want to mentionRevlon’s lip butter.  The color I received is called Cherry Tart, and here again, I have to tell you I have never worn red lipstick or gloss.  I’ve always used subtle shades of pink with a maybe a little sparkle and shine, so this was clearly outside the box for me!  But I really like the way the lip butter looked.  It was a nice shade of red without being overwhelming, and I’ll definitely use this product a lot in the future.

So I advise everyone to try stepping out of their comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to try new makeup products in bright or dark colors.  Instead of being afraid, use those products to empower yourself and express yourself in new ways.

Also, join the movement of self expression with the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook App.



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