Turkey Burgers


This week I’m sharing some lean grilling tips.  One super easy way to go lean is with turkey burgers. I recently bought box of Jennie-O Turkey Burgers.  These are found in your grocer’s freezer. They come pre-patted and pre-flavored, and they only take 7 to 9 minutes to cook on each side.  Excellent!

And if you’re like me and can’t stand the heat, these are terrific on the George Foreman Grill!


I went with traditional burgers topped with cheese and the usual burger topping, along with Sara Lee’s Whole Grain White Buns. (Love those!)

Jennie-O also offers up the following suggestions:

Maui Burger – For a Maui burger, grill turkey burger and slices of pineapple.  Place the burger and pineapple on a bun and top with sweet and sour or teriyaki sauce.

Plaza Burger – For a delicious change of pace trying using a Rye hamburger bun, then top your burger with  a tablespoon of sour cream and chopped raw onions.

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