Summertime Recipes and Tips from Whisked Foodie

As you know, I’m always looking for new recipes and new recipe blogs and websites to explore!  I recently found Whisked Foodie.  It has a number of recipes that are just perfect for summer from salad recipes to dessert recipes. Today I’m sharing just a few summertime highlights from their site.

Lately I’ve been perusing the internet for homemade popsicles.  At their site I found a really great tutorial that will help you make any kind of popsicles you like.

Another great thing I love for summer time is kebobs, and Whisked Foodie has great ideas and tips for kebobs.  They show how you can use this method of serving for a variety of foods, including meats and veggies, but also fruits and desserts.  And they also have some great kid-friendly ideas for the skewers like candied apples, chocolate dipping, and even fried peanut butter and jelly!

And of course no recipe site is complete without desserts, especially cupcakes!  I found these Gluten-Free Tropical Coconut Mini Cupcakes.  Don’t they look scrumptious?  I love coconut for summertime desserts!  And with more and more people having dietary restrictions, it is always great to find gluten-free and other healthy alternatives.

As I think of summer time parties and recipes, I also immediately think of drinks!  This Cosmopolitan Cocktail definitely looks and sounds like a crowd pleaser for a summer party, a night with the girls, or a night with your significant other!

Of course, I’m merely scratching the surface.  Please check out Whisked Foodie for yourself to see these and more great recipes and tips for the summer!


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