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I’m really excited to introduce you to ShopYorWay!  This is a fun site that fuses together shopping, social networking, and making money from home. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  Here’s how it works.

When you visit, you sign up to be a Personal Shopper.  As a personal shopper, you browse through merchandise on the site. They have everything from clothing to cameras, and it comes from great companies like Sears, Kmart, and Lands’ End.

As you browse, you pick out items to put in catalogs.  This could be items that you have, items you want, or just items that you like.  For example, I’ve been shopping around for a black dress, so I decided to create a catalog called, “Dresses.”  I added some black dresses that I like as well some other dresses I found on the site.  And if you like, you can add tags and comments about the item.

So how do you make money?  When someone logs on to the site, browses through your catalogs, and makes a qualifying purchase, you get a commission!  Easy!

As a user, I like the fact that there is a variety of merchandise to add to your catalogs, and I love that they’ve made it quick and painless to add items to your catalog, while also allowing you to add comments and reviews.

They’ve also created pages for you to see who’s accepted your invites, which is a plus.  And as it is a social networking site, they’ve made it possible for you to follow other personal shoppers and for them to follow you, which is great. And last but not least, they have a page where you can easily track your sales and see your commissions.

So how do you sign up?  It’s Easy!  Just visit and Request an Invite to ShopYourWay. You will receive your invite in your inbox.  Then just click the link inside the email and go through the sign up process. This only takes a minute or so.  And then you’ll invite people to sign up as your “customers.”

They even make the invite process easy.  You just have to add your friend’s addresses in the box, and they will be sent an email invite, and they also allow you to invite people through social networks like Facebook.

After the sign up process is over, you will see a welcome screen like the one below, and you can then take a site tour.



Then you can go ahead and start browsing their site and creating your own catalogs and making money as a ShopYour Way PersonalShopper! It’s that easy! Go over and sign up!


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