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So many of my friends and family members have had babies in the last year, and many more are expecting! is a great site for parents and parents-to-be.   Whatever stage in life your family is in, you are sure to find some valuable infromation.  It is a great source for getting pregnancy advice.  Whether you are thinking of conceiving, having trouble conceiving, or you are already pregnant, you can find articles and information on the ins and outs of a pregnancy, and even trying to Conceive Stories

And if you’ve already had a baby, you can not only get answers to all your questions but you can also check out their week to week guide on babies.  And they have a printable baby log to help you keep up with feeding and sleep times, diaper changes, and medicines.  And if that wasn’t enough, you can also order your baby announcements in less than 5 minutes on their site.

Then they have a section about toddlers. It has articles on toddler development and milestones.  There’s also a printable toddler journal where you can record sleep times and meals, as well as things to look back on in the future like new words spoken, places you went, and anything new your child did.

Don’t have a baby or toddler?  The site also has general parenting articles on a number of topics from homeschooling to being a single mom.

Apart from providing you with information is also community site, complete with forums and groups so that you can get information from other moms and would-be moms like yourself.  And you can also find free baby stuff and enter contests and sweepstakes!



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