Rascal Flatts Changed Review

Rascal Flatts’ newest album, Changed, hit stores on April 3rd. The trio, comprised of singer Gary LeVox, bassist Jay DeMarcus and guitarist Joe Don Rooney, have evolved after being in the spotlight as some of country music’s biggest superstars.

Changed is their eighth studio album and their first with brand new material in two years. Since their musical debut in 2000, the band has sold over 21 million albums, 25 million digital downloads and delivered 13 #1 singles to the top of the charts!

Since I’m a huge country music fan and Rascal Flatt’s just happens to be one of my favorite artists, I was super excited when I learned that One2One Network had an opportunity for members to review Rascal Flatt’s newest album!

I’ve got every one of Rascal Flatts albums.  Each becomes an instant favorite, and over the years remains in “rotation”  on my cd player. And I know Changed will be no exception!

Like Rascal Flatt’s other albums this one has a perfect mix of sweet ballads, feel good love songs, tear jerkers, and those infectious, fun and catchy songs that are perfect for your drive home, a party, or just a little dance in your kitchen!

The title track “Changed” is an inspiration, as it tells of the mistakes and struggles that we go through, and how we are changed when we give our lives over to God.

“Hot in Here” is a feel good love song, of the sort that Rascal Flatts is famous for. For me, it’s reminiscent of “Fast Cars and Freedom” or even an upbeat version of “Melt.”  (AND there’s a cotton dress in the song.  I always love it when the cotton dress makes an appearance! If you’re a Rascal Flatts fan, you know what I mean! Wink.)

Another song I love is “Sunrise.” In this song, he’s singing to a girl who’s in a bad situation, and he wants to get her out of that situation and change her life “one sunrise at a time.”  It is an upbeat, fun kind of song, yet very beautiful and sweet.

“Let It Hurt” is a ballad which, for me, carries a message that needs to be heard by all.  In this world we are told to remain calm and cool under pressure,  control our emotions, and put on a brave face. This song tells us that sometimes you’ve got to “let it hurt.”

My favorite song on the cd and perhaps my new favorite Rascal Flatts song (as if I could have just one favorite Rascal Flatts song) is “Come Wake Me Up”.  It is the perfect kind of sad country love song that I love! It is a song about a person who can’t get over his lost love. The song is filled with so much emotion, pain, and desperation, and I think anyone who’s ever had his or her heart broken will instantly connect to it.

So as you can tell, I love this cd! And if you’re a Rascal Flatts fan, you should definitely go out and get it!

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Disclosure: I received the Rascal Flatts cd free from their record label through One2One Network. However, the opinions are my own.

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