My Ultimate Blog Party Story

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
For those of you who do not know, there’s a party starting later this week! (April 13 to be exact!)  Each year the Ultimate Blog Party is hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.

This isn’t my party post, but rather my own little Ultimate Blog Party Story that I’m sharing with you today! (And okay…it’s also my entry for a little contest they are having over at 5 Minute for Mom. If I share my story, I could win a little cash!)

I first participated in the Ultimate Blog Party in 2008, which means I’ve participated in all of them except the first one!  And I stumbled upon the first one by chance as I recall.  I can’t even remember if I had ever visited 5 Minutes for Mom prior to the 2008 party.  I believe I ran across someone’s party post during day 2 of the party, which led me to go check it out. (I have a feeling this happens a lot with the UBP!) And when I saw just how many people were linked up, I thought, “Oh I need to be in on this!”

At this time I had only been blogging for a few months.  I wasn’t even really comfortable with it yet. I think I only participated in one weekly linky party! (Although at that time there weren’t nearly as many to participate in!)  So participating in my first Ultimate Blog Party was my first step, I think, toward just putting myself out there and introducing myself to people.

Since then I’ve looked forward to it every year! It has become one of my “blogging highlights” of the year, like I would look forward to other events.

It’s always great to go around and find new blogs to follow and to get new visitors as well. And in the past I’ve managed to make friends and even make sponsorship connections.

If you’re a first timer, the list of blogs will overwhelm you! The first couple of years I fantasized that I would visit every blog on the list. (silly Jerri) Since then I have spent a good amount of time camped out at the computer, visiting the various blogs and other social networking accounts. I only wish I had as much patience and dedication as some of the other peeps out there!  (But I’m currently crafting a strategy for this year! lol.)

And I have to mention the UBP Giveaways, as I’ve had the pleasure of winning a couple! Two years ago I won a handmade changing pad. (Even though I still don’t have kids, I’m holding on to it for when I do. lol.)  And then last year, I won a $50 Eversave credit at the UBP Twitter party.  With my credit I got….oh let’s see….a couple of pairs of sunglasses, an entire set of skincare products, and some haircare products. (Yeah! That was awesome!)

AND this year, apart from participating as usual in the UBP I am  going to be a prize sponsor!  As you go to take a look at the list of prize over at 5 Minutes for Mom you will find my shop! I will be offering a necklace and earring set to one winner! Yay! (And I’m also giving away a necklace to someone who checks out my UBP post later this week!)

Well, that’s basically my UBP story I guess!  To sum up, I’d have to say, it’s a good time for one and all, and everyone should plan to participate!




  1. This will be my first year participating in UBP, and it kind of looks overwhelming but also a lot of fun.
    I’m curious, is it announced what time on the 13th the post goes live, or is it just a surprise?

  2. The party is usually posted around midnight. But a lot of people will be sharing their links on twitter before the party goes live. lol.

  3. Thanks for visiting OSM Jerri 🙂 Absolutely love your blog design! So beautiful! Happy UBP12!

  4. I feel exactly like that about the UBP too! My first party was in 2010 about a month after I first started blogging, and it definitely catapulted me into the blogosphere and got me meeting lots of other bloggers. lol And lucky you on winning. This is my 3rd UBP party- I didn’t win anything the two previous years, but I have my fingers crossed that the 3rd times a charm. 😉

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