Breakfast Milkshakes

You don’t have to be around me long to find out that I LOVE ice cream, milk shakes, and generally any kind of frozen treat! And for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hundred degrees outside or twenty degrees.  For me, there’s never a bad time for a frozen drink!

Recently I decided to make a milkshake that was a little more healthy, than the usual ice cream and chocolate syrup combo.  The result is a tasty snack that’s actually fit for breakfast! That’s right! Milkshakes for breakfast!

Recipe for Breakfast Milkshakes:

4-6 scoops ice cream
16oz. milk
1packet Carnation Instant Breakfast

Directions: Combine all ingredients and blend. Makes 2 shakes.


– Add a few ounces of fruit (I’d do strawberries or bananas)
-Add a few spinach leaves. (You won’t be able to taste it, and it will help you to add a little veggies into your breakfast.)

Tip: You also might want want to try my Instant Yogurt Smoothies!


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  1. Sounds easy and yummy.

  2. I love ice cream–I really want to get a counter-top electric ice cream maker but I hold off because I’m sure I would use it too often! This sounds like a good way to add a little extra ice cream into the diet without going off the deep end!

  3. Nice idea! My husband used to have those carnation drinks all the time. I bet he’d love this even more!

  4. You’re right, there’s never a bad time for a frozen treat! This sounds like a great breakfast drink and I’d definitely add fruit to it…but as much as I love spinach, just can’t bring myself to drink a green drink!

  5. This looks good, Jerri!!. Usually I take the milk shake and smoothies as mid morning snack… it stops me dig into my lunch plate 🙂 I have a made a papaya smoothie this week…

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  6. Not sure how healthy it is, but it sounds delish! I could use one right about now. Perhaps I’ll have a rootbeer float tonite!

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