Over Easy Egg "Scramble"

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I’ve always eaten scrambled eggs for breakfast. But some people (let me pause for a minute so I can look around the room) like their eggs cooked other ways.  
Let’s just say, I was very excited at the beginning of my married life when I was making my first breakfast, and my hopes were very quickly dashed, when I was told, “I like my eggs cooked over easy.” And I had to say, “Huh? What is that?” Too funny! Live and learn, I guess!
Anyway, this week I’m sharing what I like to call the Over easy Egg Scramble.  It’s like sort of like a traditional breakfast scramble except it’s got some carbs added in, and of course the eggs are not scrambled, they’re cooked over easy, or as we always said in my house growing up, “fried.”
Hope you enjoy!
Recipe for Over Easy “Scramble”
3 eggs, cooked over easy
2 servings grits, (according to package directions, I mix 6 tablespoons quick grits with 2 cups water and cook 5-7 minutes)*
3-4 pieces of bacon (use other meat if you prefer)
salt and pepper, to taste
Directions:  Cook grits and bacon first, followed by the eggs. 
Place the cooked eggs on plate or bowl. Break the egg yokes. Pour grits over eggs and stir. Crumble and top with bacon. Season with salt and pepper.
*If you don’t like grits, you could also try oatmeal or cream of wheat. Personally I don’t eat this myself. I just make it for others who love it. I’m more of a Sugar-On-Grits Girl! But I think that oatmeal or cream of wheat would be very comparable with this.

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  1. LOL!! I have to laugh because this is the same story between my hubby and I, only in reverse. He prefers his eggs scrambled and I prefer them over easy. I like my eggs over easy on really crispy hash browns. No one here would eat grits, believe me, I've tried. I'm now a Linky Follower!

  2. Somerset wedding gal says

    My husband and I both like eggs in any form, which makes the breakfast decision-making twice as fun! I love how versatile eggs are, can have them every day in various different forms and still never be bored of them.

  3. Hi Jerri,
    My little Hubby will just love this Scramble, I will make it for him soon. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I love grits and this sounds delicious! And in our house it was "dippy" eggs, because of course you dipped your toast in them!

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