Get Creative with Platypus Designer Duct Tape


Anyone who reads my blog enough will find that I use tape A LOT! And I was really intrigued when I recently learned about Platypus Designer Duct Tape.  With its fun colors and designs, now you can truly use duct tape for everything!

I received a roll of their Argyle tape. (I love Argyle!) And then I also got a roll of the their green and beige striped sweater tape.  Both are festive and cute!  And they could be used for so many great crafting projects. I’m thinking I’d like to some cute wreaths!
And of course, you can always use it for some festive holiday wrapping and package shipping.
Their designs include everything from my favorite hound’s tooth to pink polka dot, blue snow flakes, paisley, and even leopard print!
Here’s a fun video just to show you what they got and give you some fun ideas!

Check out Platypus Designer Duct Tape for more info on their products and fun project ideas like these personalized pencils:



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  1. Preppy Girl Meets World says

    Looks so fun!

  2. I know so many cool colors and things to do with duct tape now last year at camp we had a duct tape art class come see me at

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