Sponsor Me for A Harvest Halloween Blog Tour

I had a lot of fun participating in the Christmas in July Giveaway hop, and I was pleased with the exposure that my blog got, so I’ve decided to participate in more of these events!
I just signed up for A Harvest Halloween Blog Hop hosted by Savey Spender.  And now I need sponsors!
The event will take place October 25 through November 1.  Prizes must be Fall or Halloween themed, and I must have a $50 prize pack to participate.
If you’d like to sponsor me, you don’t have to donate a $50 prize.  You could do a $20 prize, or even a $10 prize.  (I just have to have a total of $50 in prize from all my sponsors.)  Also, you can feel free to donate a particular item from your shop or store credit.  Either is fine with me.
Now what do you get for sponsoring?
  • If you wish to sponsor me, you’ll be featured in the giveaway post (of course).  And then additionally I’ll do a “Sponsor Spotlight/Giveaway Preview” post about you.
  • Since this is a giveaway hop, there’s a a chance of getting a lot more exposure than with other giveaways.
  • And this also gives you the chance to get new followers and potential sales.  
  • My Christmas in July Giveaway received 350 entries (plus 64 early entries), and through the giveaway promotions, my sponsors got lots of new followers and likes to their Facebook page.
If you’d like to sponsor me for this event, please send me an email.


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