Spotlight on The Trendy Boutique

You guys are going to LOVE my newest sponsor: The Trendy Boutique. This is THE place for trendy, fun, and affordable shopping! You name it, they’ve got it! Everything from flip flops, scarves, handbags, and watches, to a TON of jewelry!

The Trendy Boutique is owned by Julie, a mom from Georgia. The boutique was inspired by her 2 girls who love fashion accessories like handbags and flip-flops, and the selection has now grown due to increased interest from women of all ages!

One of my favorite things about The Trendy Boutique is that you can  design your own flip flops!  You can choose from a variety of styles, and they have a lot of cool materials and embellishments available.
Whether you’re looking for something simple and cute or something fun with flair, they’ve got something to fit your style and personality!

Another popular item at The Trendy Boutique is their silicone fashion watches.  Again, if you like custom styles, you’ve come to the right place.  These come in a variety of hot colors, sizes, and face styles!

And no boutique would be complete without a line of jewelry!  The Trendy Boutique definitely has you covered here!  In fact I could write multiple posts just on their jewelry lines! We’re talking hand-stamped jewelryphoto jewelry, beaded bracelets and earrings, charms, personalized jewelry, some very cool cord necklaces with pendants, and more!

Another jewelry line I love is the cabochon rings. These are very sweet and chic, and they come in several cute colors and settings!

And if you like those, you’ll also like their cute hair pins and accessories!

And did I mention that they also have some super cute handbags? AND you can even design your own handbag. Choose your style of bag, the fabric, ribbons, etc. Very cool!

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Stop by today and check out all the fun and cool fashion accessories at The Trendy Boutique!



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