Shelf Reliance Live Chats (Updated)

This week for part of our Shelf Reliance party, Consultant Misty Marsh and I will be conducting 3 LIVE Chat events.  It’s very easy to log on.  Simply visit the link below:
And when the page loads, just enter the name you wish to go by in the chat.  That’s it!
Now for the dates and times.  Misty and I decided that we would do 3 thirty minute sessions.  To make it more convenient for everyone’s schedules, we are doing one on each of day of the party.  And we’ll have one in the afternoon, one in the evening, and one in the morning.
Here’s the Chat Schedule:
Chat #1 – Wednesday, June 1 – 4:00PM Eastern
Chat #2 – Thursday, June 2 – 9:00PM Eastern
Chat #3 – Friday, June 3 – 11:00AM Eastern
Chat Topics:   The purpose of the chat is to give you a chance to ask Misty a question about her business: everything from product questions to questions about hosting your own Shelf Reliance party, or becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant.
Can’t Attend but Got Questions?  If you are unable to attend one of our chat sessions but would like to ask Misty a question, you may ask it here in the comments, or send it to me via email, and I will ask her for you during the chat.
Prizes!! During the chat we will have some easy games, and you’ll be able to win some samples for playing. I’ll also be giving away a bracelet to someone just for attending a chat. (And I’m also giving extra entries for my earring giveaway if you attend a chat.)

UPDATED:  Here’s a list of the quiz questions Misty will ask during the chat and the links where you can find the answers.  The links will also be given out during the chat, but feel free to go ahead and check them out.

  1. Name of of my (Misty’s favorite products):
  2. What is Shelf Reliance’s missions statement?
  3. How much free product does the host earn if there are $1000 in sales at her party?
  4. What type of foods are sold in the THRIVE food line?
  5. The Q is designed to help you create your own home ______________________.
  6. There are four ways to earn as a Shelf Reliance consultant.  Name one.
  7. How many THRIVE products are GMO free?
  8. What two products does Shelf Reliance sell besides THRIVE food?

RSVP:  You DO NOT have to RSVP to attend one or all of the chats.  I just decided to put this linky up to give me an idea of how many people might attend.  So if you are going to attend, or if you’re considering attending, please enter your name below. (You may link to your blog or twitter account.)

(PS – Don’t forget to comment on this post and my other Shelf Reliance posts if you’d like to win a pair of earrings from my shop!)


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