Sea-Band Drug Free Nausea Relief Bands: Review & Giveaway

As a frequent migraine sufferer, I’m always looking for products that can help.  I recently had a chance to try these Sea-Band Drug Free Nausea Relief Bands, and I was pleased with the results I got.
Did you know that 28 million Americans suffer from migraines! Are you one of them or do you know someone who does? If so, you understand that these chronic headaches are exceptionally debilitating and, on top of the intense pain, can trigger nausea that makes them even more uncomfortable to deal with (eight out of 10 people who are diagnosed with migraines report experiencing nausea). Plus, nausea makes it difficult to keep down the medication needed to treat the migraine to begin with.
This is where Sea-Band Drug Free Nausea Relief Bands can help. A study conducted at the Berolina Clinik (which specializes in migraine and headache therapy) in Loehne, Germany, showed that 85% of
chronic migraine sufferers who participated by wearing Sea-Band (acupressure wristbands better known for helping people with motion/travel sickness and morning sickness) during a migraine attack reported
positive results:
  • 41 patients participated in the test; participants had, on average, suffered from migraines for more than 26 years.  All participants had forgone the use of anti-emetics (anti-nausea drugs) for the purpose of this study
  • 83% indicated a perceptible reduction in nausea associated with migraine as a result of wearing Sea-Band
  • 44% indicated a significant reduction in overall (collective) migraine symptoms.
  • Relief was reported after an average of 28 minutes of wearing the Sea-Bands
  • Nearly all participants (98%) said they’d use Sea-Band again
How Sea-Band works…
Approved by the FDA, Sea-Band works by exerting constant, gentle pressure on a point on the inner wrist known as the Pericardium 6 (P6) acupressure point. It brings effective relief and can be used before or after the onset of nausea.
Sea-Band has traditionally been used to effectively reduce nausea from morning sickness, travel sickness, chemotherapy and post surgery. The all-natural, drug-free, latex-free Sea-Band does not cause side-effects often associated with anti-nausea medication such as drowsiness, disorientation, dry mouth or possible interactions with other drugs. It’s safe for patients taking prescription medications, pregnant women and children. Packaged in a convenient carry-case, they are washable and reusable, and one size fits most.

For more info on the product, you can also check out Sea Band’s Youtube page.

My Thoughts:  I get several migraines per month.  I would say that three to five are severe, although I may only experience nausea with one or two of them. When I do get the nausea, it often comes on quite suddenly, and I often find that it’s a catch-22:  Often I’ve been lying around on the couch and haven’t fixed myself anything to eat.  The lack of eating makes me feel bad/worse, but then if I finally try to eat something I’ll get the nausea even worse.  
I was anxious to try the Sea-Band anti-nausea bands, because I love to find natural cures and alternatives to medicines.  I’ve tried the bands twice since I’ve had them, and I found that my nausea was relieved within minutes.  Excellent! 

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  1. Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea says

    Oh this is great-I must try this. I get sinus and migraine headaches constantly and have nausea and have to be taken to the ER. I can't keep meds down, so they have to geive me shots. If this would help it would make my life so much easier. I'm surprised to see a German company with this product!

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