Best Price Nutrition Review

My husband and I have both taken a number of supplements for various ailments and general purposes. I recently learned about a company called Best Price Nutrition and was given the opportunity to try a couple of their supplements.
The site sells all kinds of vitamins and supplements and has many brands available. The products I received were made by New Chapter, a company so named because they “believe every one of their products delivers a ‘new chapter’ in nourishment, protection or health.”
I’m a very anxious, nervous person and have taken a couple of different supplements for this, so I was interested in finding a new supplemnt to tackle this problem. I got to try the New Chapter Holy Basil and the New Chapter Wholemega.
I’d actually never heard of Holy Basil before this review, but now I’m happy that I did. Upon doing further research, I found that it promotes a positive stress response and an overall sense of well being. It can also help maintain metabolic efficiency, digestion, hormone levels, blood sugar levels, and respiratory health. And it’s an anti-inflammatory.
To see these longterm results, I’d obviously have to take the supplement for more than a week or so, but what I can tell you is that I like the size of the New Chapter product. It is an easy to swallow gel cap, and this is important to me, because I have a hard time swallowing big pills.  And in fact, I do feel that even in the short term it has helped with my stress levels.  So I’ll definitely be ordering this in the future!
I also tried the New Chapter Wholemega, which an omega (fish oil) supplement.  My husband has taken omegas for cardiovascular health, but what I didn’t know is that this supplement can also benefit your immune system and help you maintain brain and digestive health.
Again, I loved the size of this product.  It’s a gel cap as well, and it’s a little smaller than other omega supplements I’ve seen, and you still only need 2 a day, so that’s fantastic.
Check out Best Price Nutrition for more information on these and other supplements.


Disclosure: I received samples from Best Price Nutrition for review purposes and was not otherwise compensated. The opinions are my own.

Medical Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’m not a medical professional. Statements about the medical benefits of these supplements has not been evaluated by the FDA and the products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please see your doctor before taking any new supplements.


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