You’re Invited to a Shelf Reliance Party!

I’m very excited to announce a fun and informative event that I’ll be hosting here in a couple of weeks!
June 1-3 –  I will be hosting a Virtual Party for Shelf Reliance, a company that specializes in long term food storage and emergency products.
Throughout the party I’ll be “serving up” some foods from Shelf Reliance.

And you’ll get special party pricing on all Shelf Reliance products! This is 5-50% off!
Misty Marsh is our Shelf Reliance consultant, and she will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Shelf Reliance and their products.  I’ll also posting an interview with Misty! 

And we will have prizes!

I’ll be giving away some jewelry from my shop, and we’ll also have a prize of $100 worth of Shelf Reliance products!

I’ll be announcing all the rules for how you can qualify for the prizes a few days before the party starts.

And last but not least, we will have Free LIVE Chats.  Each chat is 30 minutes long.  Here are the dates and times:

Wednesday – June 1 – 4 PM Eastern
Thursday – June 2 – 10 PM Eastern
Friday – June 3- 11 AM Eastern

Just go to this Chat Room at the appropriate time and enter you name.  This will be a great chance to ask questions, and we will even have prizes for attendees!

How to Order: You can also use this price list.  If you have any questions or if you’d decided like to place an order at a discount (5%-50% below retail price), you can do so through my “party!”  All you need to do is contact me or my consultant Misty between now and June 3 at 10:00 pm PST.  You must contact one of us directly to get the discounted party pricing. 

Hope you’ll join the fun! In the meantime, please grab a button for your blog and help me spread the word about this party!



  1. Thanks for hosting the party Jerri! I'm excited! We are going to have lots of fun and lots of great prizes!

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