Tornado Relief in Alabama

As most of you probably already know, my state was hit hard by tornadoes on April 27.  Towns and communities across the state have been devastated.  Countless people have lost everything.  It is just heartbreaking.  And now it is time for disaster relief.
Seeing this map and also seeing a map on our local news, which showed the path of the storms, I am still amazed that it missed my hometown which neighbors us and it only hit a tiny area in the industrial section of my current town.  (Perhaps even more miraculously, the tornado that touched down in the industrial complex didn’t hit anything that would cause a massive explosion, which could have destroyed the city.)
We were very lucky!  You only have to drive 15-20 minutes in either direction from our house, and you’ll come to areas with damage, even total ruin.  It’s just unreal!


I’m sure that every little thing that we can do is helpful, so I’ve decided to create this post with links to places where you can donate money or goods to help those in need.  I saw a local report yesterday which listed some items that are in great shortage.  The list included pet food, laundry detergent, toiletries, paper plates, cookware, powdered gatorade, yard tools (for debris cleanup), batteries, and basically anything you would need for daily operations.
And of course I’m sure there’s still need for non-parishable foods, bottled water, baby items (diapers, formula, wipes), blankets, clothing/shoes, etc.


Here’s some places where you can go to help.
Alabama Possible has a comprehensive list of charities where you can donate.  There’s also links to local places and events that are taking donations.  If you live near or in some way connected to a particular area you may want to check out the list.
Church of the Highlands is a relief effort organized by 25 churches.  They have a “Dream” center in Birmingham where they are distributing supplies to those in need.
American Red Cross – once on the website you can choose the cause for which you wish to donate.  Disaster relief is the first thing on the list.  You can also text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10.

Salvation Army is committing food trucks to Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  You can also text “GIVE” to 80888 to donate $10.

Feeding America is bringing food and water to affected communities.


Blog Events:


The Wannabe Athlete is hosting a Blogger Baby Shower to benefit Tuscaloosa.  A baby registry has been created on Amazon, and the items on the list start as low as $8.99. All purchases will help those in Tuscaloosa, and they’re even offering giveaway prizes to those who participate.

Like to help by purchasing from or participating in a charity auction?  Restore Interiors is coordinating an ongoing online auction and fundraiser.  If you have something to sell and would like to donate the proceeds to tornado victims, go check out the site for details.  Items being auctioned off will be linked up here as well, so if you’re interested in buying something, go take a look.

If you know of a charity or you’re hosting an event, let me know and I’ll add it to this post.



  1. Lynn - A Foodie and Her Family and Crafty Lynn says

    We live in SW Florida and listen to a local Christian station ( They are having a Gift Card drive this week. My 9 yo daughter (Miss V) heard about it and was really sad and wants to donate cards she received at her birthday party. One of our neighbors heard about Miss V doing this and he gave her a $10.00 card.

    She is now up to $50.00! The principal at her school (a small Christian school) also said that we could send a letter home to families and if they wanted to they could send cards to school. We are going to bring them to our local Chick fil-a on Friday.

    I am so very sorry that your state has been so affected and can understand what some people are going through.

    We also lost everything many years ago in a house explosion when we lived in MA. The kindess of strangers was overwhelming but also made us feel so blessed.

  2. Ami w/AliLilly says

    Thanks for this list to help! I wanted to metnion too, as a HUGE Third Day fan I have to tell you about this!

  3. Wonderful information. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

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