My Easter Vignettes

I’ve been meaning to share my Easter Decor for weeks, but I guess the week before the holiday is better late than never, right?  I had the hardest time deciding how to decorate!  For one thing, some of my cutest pieces are packed up in storage, and I decided against getting them out, and then I also have some really cute glass eggs in my “treasure cabinet” that I’ve collected in the past few years, and oddly enough, I didn’t use those either!
So at first I was working with just a few different things that didn’t seem to go to together in one display, but I managed to throw some more things into the mix to make it work and actually made 3 displays. 

This is on top of the fridge.  I used a pink runner, and then in the center, there is a flower adorned wishing well with a glittery Easter sign.

My mom gave me this glass Easter basket either last year or the year before.  It was probably a Hallmark or Cracker Barrel find, as those are two of her favorite places!  And it is just super cute in person!
And I just threw this bird house up there because it’s springy and went with the color scheme.
Growing up, we always had a bunch of “country rabbits” like these.  I’ve been thinking of getting rid of them because I don’t have a place for them, but I figured I could at least use them for Easter! 
And that’s a Beatrix Potter tin in the center! My mom and dad collected tins when I was kid, and this one’s from their collection. It’s dated 1992.
And if you checked about my Easter Egg Banner last week, you probably noticed all the stuff on top of my treasure cabinet.

I actually keep this “runner” (it’s not actually a runner) on top of the cabinet all year round, except at Christmas.  It was on the end of my bed when it was a kid, and I’ve always loved it.

Actually come to think of it, I’ve had most of this stuff since I was little, except for all the egg pictures.  But I think they all came together quite nicely! What do you think?

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  1. shopannies says

    awesome spring decor love it

  2. Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots says

    So cute!!

    Thank you for linking up to What I Whipped Up Wednesday! xo

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