Super Fast Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

I’m always looking for quick and easy things that I can make for lunch, and one of my husband’s favorite things to eat at any fast food place is chicken sandwiches, so we eat a lot of those.  We used to go to Checkers for lunch a lot because they were only about two minutes from our house, and they have a lot of good sandwiches there.  One of my favorites is their buffalo chicken sandwich.  It’s one of the best buffalo chicken sandwiches I’ve had (even in comparison to sit down restaurants), and it’s only $1, so that’s a super value to me.
But you my have noticed that I said, we “used to” got to Checkers, and they “were” two minutes from our house.  I use the past tense because for some reason they closed the location last year.  I’m not sure why.  It looked like they had a steady business; they were also in a good location, and the food was always good there.  But alas, for whatever reason, they closed, so I can no longer order my precious buffalo sandwich, unless we want to drive out of town for about 30 minutes.  And as a result, my poor husband has to endure my whining about Checkers (of all things) whenever we drive by the old location.
If you were wondering why I’m telling you about this strange obsession with Checkers, it’s because their buffalo chicken sandwich was the inspiration for the buffalo chicken sandwich that I’m sharing with you this week.

Recipe for Super Fast Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Frozen Chicken Patties
Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing
Lettuce (optional)

Cook chicken patties as directed.  (The ones I used can be cooked in the microwave for about a minute per patty).  Pour buffalo sauce into a bowl. (I used Franks)  Dip the patties into the sauce on top and bottom.  Place on bun.  Top the chicken patty with salad dressing and then top with lettuce if desired.  Serve with chips or fries.
Tips:  I bought the chicken patties pictured here at Aldi.  They come in box of 4 for just $1.99.  A great deal!  Aldi also has some Southern Style Chicken patties.  I can’t remember the cost of these, but they are really good too, and they actually remind me a lot of the Southern Style sandwich at McDonalds.

So since I seem to be in the mood to talk about fast food today, I feel that I should ask everyone a question: What is your favorite fast food place?  And what do you like to order when you go there? I’d love for you to share your answers in the comments!

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  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says

    These sound really awesome. I'll bet my husband would love these. I buy the chicken patties anyways for the kids. I'll try this, thanks!! Maybe I'll make a grilled patty for myself. 🙂

  2. I love this, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing it on Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week, Mary :O)

  3. i just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my monkey wreath. have a great week.

  4. Great easy meal just what I like! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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