Shopping at Spencers

Have you ever shopped at Spencers? If you’ve ever had one located in your area, I don’t see how you could not at least go in and have a look at all the flashing lights inside.
When I think of Spencer’s I immediately think of lava lamps and black lights. In my not too distant youth my friends and I loved going to Spencers to look at the lava lamps, disco balls, and other fun lights.  There was also a lot of other fun room decor like celebrity posters, beaded curtains, and even inflatable furniture!  And yes,  Mrs. Simply Sweet Home actually had some of these items in her room as a teenager. I have to admit I was a bit of “nerd” back then (and I still am), but with the help of the great stuff at Spencer’s, at least I had a cool room!
The second thing I always associate it with Spencer’s is gag gifts.  If you like to find fun and humorous gift exchange ideas for the holidays, you are bound to find something at Spencers.  And it’s also a great place to find gifts for women under $50, from Twilight posters to jewelry, and also more risque gifts for bachelorette parties and so forth.
If you’ve never had a Spencers in your area, you can check out this video to see what they have to offer and shop with them online for your all your hip decor and fun novelty needs.


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