Baby Shower Photos and Ideas

Last month I attended a baby shower for my niece.  She actually gave birth on March 10, so now we have a new nephew named Abel.  The party was very nice, so I just had to share some of the pictures with you.  Hopefully they will inspire you!

The refreshment table was simple yet elegant.  And there were a lot of great food choices.  There were cupcakes, nuts, potato chips, a cheese & cracker tray, shrimp, a fruits & veggies tray, cocktail weenies, and dip.
I also like that they decorated with the two twisted streamers.  I haven’t seen that in a long time, and I forgot how good it looks.  Yet it’s also easy to do and inexpensive, which is a real plus.

The cake was a stork cake, and this was homemade by someone on the other side of my niece’s family.  It was really cute and tasty!

I already shared this great punch with you last week.  If you missed it, here’s the recipe.

And as if the punch wasn’t cute enough, these tiny little pacifiers were inside the ice cubes!  Since I’m all about saving things as keepsakes, I fished mine out after I was finished with my punch. It now has a home in my China cabinet with all my other treasures.

And here’s another idea I love.  To decorate the tables, they just used a little confetti and some baby toys.  This is such a simple idea.  Yet it looks very elaborate and cute.  Plus, the mom-to-be can use all the stuff afterwards!
And this is a photo of the main table where my niece at.  Her name is Faith (if you can’t tell).
All in all, it was a great party.  We had a good time, and my niece got a ton of diapers and gifts for the new baby.  And Aunt Jerri even won a prize for bringing a package of diapers. Yay!
Hope you enjoyed the shower!  I’m linking this post up at these parties.



  1. Cozy Home Scenes says

    Congrats to your niece! Looks like a fun shower. Loving that cake and the ducks in the punch is so cute.

    You should make something crafty for your niece so she'll have a special reminder of the shower.

  2. BigBearswife says

    Cute Baby Shower! Cake is adorable and I love the ducks in the punch

  3. Looks like it was a great time. I really like the cake and the punch.

  4. I love the cupcake towers and that punch looks delicious!


  5. Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State says

    That turned out really cute! Love the punch 🙂 And the streamers are cute too!

  6. That cake is amazing and I love the duckies in the punch. So cute.

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