Making Snow Cream

We were so excited and surprised to get a White Christmas a couple of weeks ago!  It got me to talking about the few times in my life when we actually got enough snow for my dad to make snow cream.  I was asking my husband if I should try to make some, and I soon found out he had no idea what I was talking about!
When I emphatically said, “You’ve never had snow cream!” he said, “I’m from Mobile. It doesn’t snow in Mobile.”  (Oh yeah! Duh!)  Then remembering that my husband lived in Colorado for a little while, I ask him, “Well, don’t they have it in Colorado?”
He just kinda looked at me.  I guess that was a dumb question. So either they don’t make snow cream in Colorado, or 20-something and 30-something year old men don’t make snow cream!  What do you think?
Either way, my dad always made great snow cream! It tasted just like homemade ice cream.  The stuff I made didn’t taste quite as great as his. (Alas!) But it was still pretty good. Today I’m sharing the recipe I used. 
So do you guys make snow cream where you live?

Recipe for Snow Cream:


1 gallon snow
1 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups milk

Directions: Take a bowl and collect some clean snow. Add sugar and vanilla, then stir in just enough milk for the desired consistency. Serve at once.

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  1. heartofacountryhome says

    love snow cream, although some years we don't get enough to make it. Last year, I did and I made it for my mom several times!

    My recipe is a little richer. I'll be sure to link it up this Friday. 🙂

  2. i'd never heard of this until i once had chocolate soup. everyone remarked it tasted just like snow cream. it's snowing now so maybe i'll make some!

  3. That looks super yummy…if only we actually got snow where we live 🙁

  4. I use Paula Deen's recipe. A can of sweetened condenced milk and vanilla. YUM!

  5. Just One More Thing says

    My grandmother used to make snow creem when we were small. I think half the fun was the snow gathering –we all collected our own. Thanks for the Crisco Giveaway –I'm so excited to have won–is it ok for me to write a post about it when I receive it and include your blog's name?

  6. Just One More Thing says

    My grandmother used to make Snow Cream — the best part was that we all had to get our own snow!! Thanks for the Crisco giveaway. I am very excited to have won. Tried to send this message b4 –hope this one gets to you.

  7. i have never heard of this! HOW have i never heard of this! i grew up in/still live in CT! We are currently expecting 18-24 inches in the next few hours!!!!!!

    i know what I will be doing tomorrow with mt kids!

    thanks so much!

  8. Hi I just wanted to let you know i tried this with me kids. With a little twist!! check it out on my blog post here:


  9. That looks so delicious. Love the fun post.

  10. We don't have snow where I live, but after seeing your snow cream, I kind of wish it did so I could try this out.

  11. Its So Very Cheri says

    I live in Fl so no snow cream here but my grandmother made it when we were growing up in Ohio. I remember she always beat eagg, whipping cream sugar and vanilla and then folded in the snow.


  12. InMyOwnStyle says


    My husband's family always made snow ice cream and the tradition has carried on to my daughter's. We make it with heavy cream and vanilla. I like your idea of putting some chocolate syrup in the mix too. Yum -O.
    My best- Diane

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