CitiKitty’s TunaTreats Review

Here’s something that will make your cat purr with delight. CitiKitty’s TunaTreats are 100% All Natural Bonito (Skip Jack Tuna).  They are a healthy treat for both cats and dogs.  They are high in portein and amino acids, and they promote both a shiny coat and healthy lifestyle.
Rebel and Dixie recently had the opportunity to try a sample of CitiKitty’s TunaTreats.  The TunaTreats are very different from the crunchy bites that they are used to eating, but it would appear that they were no less enjoyable. After just one sniff, they immediately recognized that these flakes were indeed something to eat, and they quickly devoured the flakes I served them.
What I love about the TunaTreats is that they are an all natural product.  As much as I’d love to buy my cats the most expensive, high quality food, that’s not really financially possible for, so it’s great when I can find them a nice, healthy treat like this.
Another thing that I like about this is that it comes in flake form.  Ordinarily as a treat we give can food or little crunchy treats, and what I like about the flakes is that we can actually add them to the cat’s regular meals as, which is great for a little change at meal time.
And the cats really seem to like them.  When we’ve added them to their food bowl or given them as a separate treat, they flakes have been eaten, which is a real testimony to their taste because my cats are constantly given the chance to try new foods (including human foods), and I can tell you that they will sniff anything you put in front of them, but they will not eat just anything.  All in all, I’d have to say that we give the CitiKitty TunaTreats 2 paws up!

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Disclosure: I was given a free sample of CitiKitty TunaTreats.  I was not paid for this review.  The opinions are my own.  If you’d like to advertise or sponsor a review/giveaway, please contact me.

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