Retro Yoohoo & Friends Review & Giveaway

This week I’m bringing you our third holiday gift giveaway from Aurora World.  You may remember the Yoohoo & Friends giveaway I had on my blog last spring.  Well, now I’d like to present these Retro Yoohoos!
These little are guys very cute. They are around the same size as the original Yoohoos. (You can get them in the 5 inch or 8 inch size.)  And they feature the same brightly colored fur, big eyes, poofy tails, and fun sound effects.
But unlike the Original Yoohoos, these guys are dressed up for a funky night out on the town.  Just imagine your favorite character from Saturday Night Fever or Footloose transforming into a cute and cuddly stuffed animal. (Sounds fun, huh?)

I think kids will love these. For some reason kids always seem to like retro stuff.  And the Aurora company has created a Retro Yoohoo to fit anyone’s taste, from Pammee Pop Singer to Lemmee Punk Rocker.
For my review I received Yoohoo 60’s British Rocker and Lemmee Disco Dancer.  Both of these are simply adorable.  You can look at them immediately and tell exactly what they’re suppose to be.  It’s definitely a very unique twist on the original Yoohoo & Friends.  My favorite thing about them is their big eyes and poofy striped tails. It just makes them so cute!
I think these would even be a good gift for the young at heart.  If you know an adult who loves stuffed animals and also grew up loving the Beatles, why not get them the 60’s British Rocker Yoohoo?  Or how about theYoohoo 80’s Dancer for your 80s kid?
Buy it! You can purchase your Retro Yoohoos online at Aurora World.
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Win it! One Simply Sweet Home reader will win a Retro Yoohoo & Friends Toy.
Giveaway closed. Congrats to Liza at Giveaway Blogs to Win!


  1. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says

    They are adorable! I love the lemmee punk rocker! So cute! Thanks!

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  4. I love the SMALL YOOHOO LOVE.

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  7. My fave is the panda with sound, so cute
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  12. My daughter would LOVE the Pammee Cheerleader!

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  24. So cute. I think my favorite would have to be the sugar glider.

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  29. I picked the 8" PAMMEE CHEERLEADER

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  30. I love the small yoohoo love.

  31. sandyandcosmo says

    I love the 8" large yellow tiger!

  32. Jullee and Fam says

    Such cute toys! I love the PAMMEE POP SINGER best.


  33. very married says
  34. i LOVE the purple rhino 🙂

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  35. My favorite is the red Squirrel.

  36. my favorite is the YOOHOO PET CARRIER WITH SOUND


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