Christmas Scarf Project {Holly Bloggy Homemade Gifts}

Monday is the first day of the Holly Bloggy Christmas. The first event is the Homemade Gifts party being hosted by Jen at tater tots and jello

For my homemade gift, I decided to share a fun scarf-upcyle project!  I just happened to have 3 red scarves in my possession, and I decided to transform one of them into a Christmas themed scarf.  Of course, I don’t recommend that you give your old scarves away to your friends!  But if you like to make homemade gifts you could easily buy a plain scarf or some fabric and do this project!

(By the way, if you came by to see my weekly recipe, it’s been postponed this week. Please come back on Thursday to see it and link up for the Christmas Recipe party.)

What you’ll need:
Scarf (or scarf-like fabric)
A piece of Christmas Themed Fabric
Mod Podge and/or Hot Glue Gun
Buttons (or other embellishments)


Step 1 – Get your scarf ready.  If you don’t have a scarf, I’d suggest getting one from a store like Ross, Marshall’s, or Burkes.  They usually have nice clothes and accessories for cheap!  You may also try Walmart or perhaps even the dollar store. 
Alternatively you could buy a piece of fabric from Walmart or the craft store.  (The scarf in these pictures measures 12 inches by 63 inches, but if you were making it for a small child, you make it about half that length.)  After cutting your fabric just cut some fringe on each end.  The fringe on my scarf is 3 inches.
Step 2 – Take your Christmas themed fabric and cut out the shapes that you’d like to have on your scarf.  This will be the dominating image for the scarf.  In order for the shapes to show up good from a distance you need to cut out shapes that are 3 inches tall or more.  Depending on the size of the images, I would cut anywhere from one to four images out for each side of your scarf (2 to 8 images total). 
As you can see I didn’t cut the images out so they’d be absolutely identical.  For one thing, I’m a terrible cutter, and I knew I’d drive myself crazy trying to get them exactly the same.  And secondly I thought it would give the scarf a little more character if they were a little different.
After you’ve cut out the big images arrange them on your scarf.  Then attach them using either mod podge or some hot glue.

Step 3 – Add Embellisments.  I love buttons, so I added 4 coordinating buttons to the scarf, two for each side.  And I just added these with hot glue, no sewing needed!  You could also glue on beads, jewels, or pom poms.  Or if you’re fabric has some smaller images on it, you could cut these out and add them as well.
Step 4 – Finally just wear it and enjoy.  Or wrap it up and place it under the tree!


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  1. vintage vine says

    Perfect homemade gift!!!!…I can use this idea for my daughter to make for friends, Aunts and cousins…Thanks for the idea and instructions

  2. vintage vine says

    Perfect homemade gift…I can use this idea for my daughter to make gifts of friends and family…Thanks

  3. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    What a cute cute handmade gift. Merry Christmas!


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