Cradle Rock Review and Giveaway

Continuing with our Holiday Gift ideas, here’s something a little different for moms and moms-to-be.
Brash Music and Tree Top Records, companies that partnered to create and produce “Cradle Rock” (, announced that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” greatest hits from Johnny Cash and chart topping singles from Kenny Chesney would be the first three albums in a lullaby series, hitting stores October 26th. Soothing sounds from instruments such as the vibraphone, glockenspiel and mellotron are used to create lullabies based on famous, iconic artists and albums in the country, rock and pop genres.
“The ‘Cradle Rock’ lullabies are unlike any other in the marketplace today, since we wanted to focus on iconic artists and albums that appeal to music fans across a wide variety of genres,” says Steve Jones, CEO of Brash Music. “Each project is produced with child and parent in mind, so the melodic structure and tempo of each song stays true to the original.” Jones says most lullaby releases are a collection of hits or compilations by various artists. “While some projects in the Cradle Rock series follow a compilation model, most are replications of entire albums in lullaby form. Additional Cradle Rock albums in development include U2’s “The Joshua Sleep Tree,” Black Eyed Peas’ “Sleep-pea Hits” as well as lullaby albums inspired by Nickelback, Carrie Underwood and The Eagles to name a few.
David Williams, president of Tree Top Records and executive producer, says “Thrillaby” is based on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and follows the famous album’s track listing from start to finish. “’Thrillaby’ is the perfect introduction to one of the greatest albums ever recorded, complete with irresistible melodies from the ‘King of Pop.’” The Kenny Chesney collection is stacked with number one singles, “Including the soothing, country hits representing his greatest work,” says Williams. Johnny Cash fans will appreciate lullabies based on American Records’ “The Legend of Johnny Cash, Volume One.” “Even though this project features ‘greatest hits’, it focuses on a period of recordings Cash did with legendary producer Rick Rubin,” adds Williams.
Dating back to ancient cultures, science demonstrates the importance of lullabies in the development of children. “Babies are actually born with a basic sense of timing, rhythm and tone,” says producer Stephen Gause, “which is why soothing lullabies help speed up the process of falling asleep.” Gause says the albums are for true and dedicated music fans who want to share popular music with their children. “Cradle Rock” albums, distributed by The Warner Music Group, will be available at,  through all digital distribution services like iTunes for $9.99, and at music retail outlets across the United States for $11.98.

My Review

Personally I love the concept behind the Cradle Rock cds.  I’ve seen cds featuring kid-friendly versions of pop tunes, but I’ve never thought of lullabies! I think this is such a great way to bond with your baby. You can play him/her a soft tune to sleep by that’s also catchy and familiar to you. Brilliant!

I happen to be a huge country fan, but I also love oldies, and I like some pop and rock, so it was really neat to get to listen to the lullabies featuring music from Michael Jackson, Kenny Chesney, and Johnny Cash. 

First off, I loved the way the music was arranged.  The songs were immediately recognizable, yet even the most upbeat of songs were soft and soothing.  Upon receiving this collection to review, I was most interested to hear how Michael Jackson’s music was going to be incorporated into lullabies.  Growing up, Thriller was my brother’s favorite tape, and “Beat It” was his favorite song.  I have to admit that I giggled a bit when I first started listening to the song, but I have to say that the arrangement worked!  The song was made into a great lullaby!

Secondly, as I listened to the cds, I came across some songs that I knew extremely well and others that I wasn’t very familiar with.  But interestly, I actually enjoyed the unfamilar songs just as much as the ones I knew.  I mean, obviously if you purchased a cd of Kenny Chesney lullabies, you must be a big fan and would know all the songs, but  what I’m trying to say is that, I think someone could pop in one of these cds, knowing absolutely nothing about the artists, and they would still really enjoy the musical experience.

Overall I think babies and parents alike will enjoy these cds.  The musical arrangements are very whimsical, yet soothing, and although I love traditional children’s music, I think parents will definitely welcome the change from the traditional lullabies and kid’s music they may be accustomed to.  And with other artists like Carrie Underwood and Nickelback having their music added to the collection, I think everyone should be able to find something they would like to listen to with their baby. I, for one, am very excited that The Eagles are on the list.  They’re one of my favorite bands, and I would really love to hear lullaby versions of their hits!

If you have a baby or you’re expecting, and you like any of the Cradle Rock artists, you should definitely check out these cds.  And if you know someone who has a baby or is expecting, these cds would make a really great holiday gift!

Win it! One Simply Sweet Home reader will win 3 Cradle Rock cds featuring music from Kenny Chesney, Michael Jackson, and Johnny Cash.
Giveaway Closed. Congrats to Amanda!


Disclosure: For this review I recieved copies of the Cradle Rock cds featuring Kenny Chesney, Johnny Cash, and Michael Jackson.


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  11. I am a new follower (why I didn't see this giveaway before!) My sister uses music for her baby at night (my Godson!) she would love this! I would love to hear Johnny Cash sing lullabys!

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  34. I got these in the mail over the weekend and they are a lot of fun! As I'd expected, I really enjoy the Michael Jackson songs, but I'm also really liking the Johnny Cash stuff too. Thanks so much

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