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I’ve been so excited about the opportunities that CSN Stores has given me to review products and host giveaways. And I’m happy to present this fun product review to all you cat owners out there.  We first purchased a cheap climbing toy for like $20 when Rebel and Dixie were about 3 months old, and my husband often says that it’s the best $20 we ever spent.  But now it’s really too small for them, and it’s tearing up after two and half years of use.
So when I was given an in-store credit for CSN Stores over the summer, I decided to purchase the Majestic Pet 52″ Casita Fur Cat Tree.  I debated for a while on which tree to buy, and in the end I have been very satisfied with this purchase!  Unlike a lot of products you see online, I believe this one actually looks better than the online picture lets on.  It’s also the perfect size for our cats and they love it!  And to prove just how much they love it, I’m including some pictures with this review.
As you can see, the cats were playing on the cat tree before it was even assembled!


They loved the little white toy attached to the top tier.  Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, but no toy with an elastic stretchy cord lasts long around here.


And as you can see from these pictures, the tree is the perfect size.  Each platform is just right for the cats to stand and lounge on.  The tree is also a great height at 52 inches tall.  We placed the tree in front of a bookshelf.  These two bookshelves stand alongside a desk which doubles as a loft bed that the cats often sleep on, so the tree also serves as a ladder for the cats to get up to the loft.
Besides lounging, climbing, and play, the cats love to use the scratch posts.  I don’t have any pictures of them using them, but I can tell you that they get a lot of use.  Dixie (the calico cat) usually stands on the second tier from the top and uses the top scratcher,  while Rebel (the black and grey cat) likes to show off his height by standing on the floor and using the scratchers above the little house.  He also likes to show off his skills, laying on the top tier and scratching the post beneath.  (He’s so talented!)
Speaking of the little house/knook….or actually I call it “the apartment,”  you can see Dixie here checking it out the very first night.  They don’t use the apartment as much as they do the other parts of the cat tree, but both cats do use it occasionally, and sometimes I’ll walk in and find one of them asleep inside it.
I also just had to show you that Rebel can fit inside the apartment too.  Whenever I ordered this and whenever I buy scratchers I have to think of Rebel’s size.  He’s not a fat cat; he’s just a big cat, that is, he’s long and lean.  So I was very pleased to find that he could fit inside rather comfortably.
And as it turns out, the cat tree also makes for a good fighting ground!

As you see, we LOVE this cat tree!  It’s multifunctional, and the cats get a lot of use out of it that.  It’s also very sturdy and well made with easy assembly.  It’s a great size for adult cats and multiple cat homes but would also be great for kittens to grow into. (Wish we’d had it when they were kittens!) And it actually looks attractive and blends in well with the room.

Disclosure: I received a credit from CSN Stores to purchase any product of my choice.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Thanks for the review! We always talk about getting a cat tree, but I don't know if my cat would actually like it. He's very playful but he tends to like non-cat things to play with and sleep on!

  2. I given you an award! Check it out at my blog, The Crafter's Anonymous Club.

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