Halloween Coffee Table and Coaster Craft

I finally got my Halloween stuff out this past weekend.  In the past I’ve only decorated outside, except for some fall garland over the cabinets in the kitchen, and some fall leaf window clings on our back door, but this year I decided to brighten up the indoors a bit.
I created this cute arrangement for our coffee table in the living room.  Usually I like to be very elaborate and “busy” with the decor, but in certain areas, I tend to keep it a little more minimalist.  One reason is because stuff can get in the way in certain places, and secondly my cats would be too tempted if I covered the tables with too much stuff.  In fact, in the photo below you’ll notice a small set of gray ears just to the left of the pumpkin. (That’s Rebel.  He loves to decorate, and his style is, well…very unique!)

Easy Table Cloth:
For the coffee table, I simply used a few yards of cute Halloween fabric– no sewing or crafting involved –and it’s much cheaper than any table runner you could buy.  Of course, the jack-o-lantern was added to the center.  I thought about getting a couple of smaller ones to go beside it, but here again, I’m keeping it simple.
Making Your Own Coasters:
And finally I made these cute little coasters just to have something else to set on the table.  For these, I simply took a couple of old coasters that we weren’t using.  Then I used them as a stencil to trace two circles and I cut them out.  For the next step, I’ve seen a lot of people using mod podge to stick the paper to the coaster, but since we won’t really be using these coasters, and since they’ll only be out for a month I came up with an idea to help me change up these coasters any time I want.

I had some magnet strips with adhesive on the back.  And I just took my scissors and cut a very small piece of magnet off, and stuck it to the coaster.  Then I cut off another small piece and stuck in on to the paper.  Put the paper and the old coaster together, and you’ve instantly got a new coaster!  And after the holiday, you can either throw the paper away or save it for next year.  Meanwhile you can create a new set for the next holiday.

Next week I’ll be sharing a Halloween mod podge project that I did over the weekend and another table decoration, so please come back and see!

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  1. southernscraps says

    Cute! Neat idea with the coasters.

  2. Erin @ EKat's Kitchen says

    How fun! I love how cats "help" with everything – my two are into every single project I take on! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads says

    I like the idea of "multi-holiday" coasters. My dog likes to help decorate as well. lol!

  4. Susieqtpies says

    Thank you for linking up in my Halloween link up! Cute coaster idea! You can make these for all the holidays!!! Fun fun!!

    Stop in and get more ideas!


  5. What cute fabric, this is so fun.

  6. Krista @ While He Was Napping says

    These are so cute! I hope you'll come link them up to my Halloween party this weekend! They are fantastic! whilehewasnapping.blogspot.com


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