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I just love trying new skincare products!  Just recently I had the opportunity to try some organic skincare products from Golden Path Alchemy.  This company has a variety of products for the face and body, including cleansers, masks, toners, and moisturizers.  And they have several product lines, based on your skin type.  These lines include: Awaken, Purify, Refine, Renew, and Illuminate.  Because I have combination skin, I got to try a product from the Illumniate, Purify, and Refine lines.
I was most intrigued by the Illuminate Cleansing Grains because I’ve never tried a product like this before.  This product is made from natural ingredients, including almond meal, barley, wheat germ and frankincense,  all of which are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and other elements that are the keys to healthy skin.  They work to exfoilate the skin while nourishing it and reversing the signs of aging. 
The product is made to deeply cleanse, while lifting and lightening sun damaged or hyper-pigmented skin.  I love this product because it makes it very easy for you to convert your gentle cleanser into an exfoiliating scrub, simply by adding a tiny amount of grains to a little cleanser.  Alternatively you can also use the grains alone with water, which is very convenient.  I also loved this product because it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed.
I also had a chance to try the Purify Serum. The blend of ingredients in the Purify Serum is made to “clear and harmonize impure skin.”  What I love about the the Purify Serum is that it offers this great mix of ingredients that not only cleanse and clear up the skin but also regulate the production of oil and even more importantly, it aids in the healing of blemishes and supports regeneration. 
It features Jojoba, which breaks down and regulates the production of oils on the skin that can clog pores and cause acne, while it reduces wrinkles and the signs of aging.  Meanwhile, an analgesic and antiseptic called Manuka improves circulation, cleanses, and soothes while supporting skin regeneration.  And finally the balancing, calming and antibacterial properties of Lavender help the skin to heal and prevent scarring, while clearing redness and reducing inflammation and pain associated with acne-prone skin.
I’ve tried a lot of different astringents, creams, and other topical acne medicines, but many of these burn the skin when applied. Others overdry the skin.  And a lot of them are are not made to be applied before leaving the house.  And most importantly, I would say that most of them to do not have ingredients to help support healing and skin regeneration. I’m very pleased that these problems do not exist with the Purify Serum.
And last but not least I got to try the Refine Healing Herbal Serum.  This is a potent moisturizing herbal serum made of 15 healing herbs infused into aloe vera gel to balance and soothe sensitive skin as well as nurture all skin types. I’m sure you’ve used aloe vera gel at some point in your life. I know I’ve used it a lot to treat sunburns, and I’ve also used it in my own homemade facials.  What I didn’t know until I visited Golden Path Alchemy is that the aloe vera, apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, actually brings oxygen to the cells and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers reducing signs of aging skin.
Additionally the product includes Calendula, an antibacterial immunostimulant, which can also help in the healing the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and minimizing scarring.  And finally Schisandra, a traditional Chinese beauty elixir, astringes and rejuvenates the skin making it soft, supple, moist and radiant.
Just like the Purify Serum, I love that this a multi-purpose product, namely that it has properties to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.  Having combination skin, I’m always switching back and forth between different skin care products, and I love that this product offers something for everyone regardless of skin type, and it’s something I think I could use anytime.
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If you love holistic, handmare, herbal skin care products, you should definitely stop by Golden Path Alchemy and find the skincare line that right for you!


Disclosure: I received free products from Golden Path Alchemy.  I was not paid to write this review.  The opinions are my own.


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